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Our range of Marine Absorbent products are primarily designed for the absorption of oil from water and also to restrict floating debris entering into waterways and polluting them. Our hydrophobic absorbents will absorb oil whilst repelling water for an efficient clean up of waterways and will float even when saturated. Our boom products will help to prevent the further spread of pollution in outfalls, lakes, rivers, harbours or at sea.

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  • Oil Selective Pom Pom

    Oil Selective Pom Pom

    From: £70.00

    Available in 3 pack sizes

  • Oil Absorbent Sweep

    Oil Absorbent Sweep

    From: £35.18

    Oil Only, Polypropylene absorbent sweep. 2 sizes

  • Marine Boom application

    Marine Boom

    Starting at: £46.20

    Absorbs oil and fuel - 2 sizes available

  • Inflatable Booms

    Inflatable Booms

    Starting at: £185.71

    PVC Inflatable Boom. Available in 2 sizes

  • Fence Booms

    Fence Booms

    From: £143.36

    To: £512.00

    Heavy duty, polyethylene fence boom