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February 2010

  • Spill containment pallets and absorbents are vital business requirements

    By Dean 28 February 2010

    Spill containment pallets are basically containers that are available in different sizes for controlling the leakage of drums or any other container that contains fluid. When containers or drums are filled with flammable chemicals or liquids, it is essential to protect them from any type of leakage.

    Spill containment pallets are usually made from high density polyethylene. Most models have removable poly grates that make cleaning easy. These all-polyethylene units boast a weatherproof and lockable design, which enables secure outdoor storage of dangerous wastes and materials. ...

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  • Clean various types of spills with absorbent booms

    By Will 27 February 2010

    Spill kits play an important role in most factories and construction sites where spillages take place on a regular basis. If you have a factory where hazardous chemicals or liquids are used then make sure you have a spill kit ready with you. This is because if chemical spills are not cleared quickly then it may cause injuries to the people around them. In such situations, you can safely clean up the mess with spill kits.

    In all the spill kits, you will find spill absorbents which help in absorbing the liquid. These absorbents are made from fibres which are made for soaking up ...

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  • Spill containment pallets are safe and reliable storage solutions

    By John 26 February 2010

    When you are storing liquid materials, hazardous or not, there are high possibilities of spillage. Due to this, it is important to take necessary precautions to ensure that the liquid materials are stored appropriately. However, even if you store them adequately, there are still high possibilities of leakages and spills due to one reason or another.

    If you want to store liquids appropriately, you can use spill containment pallets. You can even have cabinets where you can easily store items like paints or other chemicals to make sure that they do not spill. Unfortunately, if th...

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  • Things you must know before purchasing oil spill kits

    By Dean 25 February 2010

    Oil spillages can become quite messy if they are not cleaned as soon as possible. In order to ensure that the oil spillage is completely cleaned, you will need to purchase the right oil spill equipment. These are actually spill kits that include certain oil pads and socks to soak up the oil.

    The oil spill kits also include absorbents that are very useful for absorbing the liquid. This job can prove far easier if you are aware of the type of oil spill kit that you will need for each particular location. To begin with, you should have an idea about the liquid you want to clean u...

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  • Spill kits are perfect for cleaning up hazardous chemicals

    By Dean 24 February 2010

    Handling chemicals which are dangerous and toxic is a difficult task. Chemicals are commonly used in laboratories and on construction sites. In all these places spillages occur regularly, so spill kits are very important.

    If you work with various types of chemicals then make sure that you have a chemical spill kit close to hand. This is because chemical spills need to be cleaned quickly and safely in order to prevent serious injuries.

    Before buying a chemical spill kit, you need to understand the features that are offered by these kits. Chemical spill kits are avai...

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  • Absorbent pads play an important role in cleaning up spills

    By Will 24 February 2010

    Oil and chemical spills can be very dangerous if they’re not cleaned up quickly. These liquids are often difficult to control and can cause injuries to the people around them.

    If spills take place regularly in your business, you need to get some form of spill kit for clearing up any mess as soon as possible.

    When buying, you will see that spill kits have absorbents in them, which help in absorbing liquids. These absorbents are available in various types such as pads, rolls, socks and pillows. Out of all of them, absorbent pads are commonly used by many people, a...

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  • Deal with spills the effective way with spill kits

    By John 23 February 2010

    Many businesses deal with various liquids, and there may be situations where these liquids spill. In order to handle these messy situations you need to be prepared with a spill kit.

    Older methods of cleaning up spills consisted of the use of granules. However, granules are not suitable for all environments, as they can block machinery and cause damage. Using granules to clean up spills can also be a very labour intensive task, as it commonly involves sweeping and shovelling- which can be difficult for some people.

    Spill kits are generally a much more efficient way ...

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  • How oil spill kits help in cleaning up various oil-based liquids

    By Dean 23 February 2010

    If you have too many oil spillages in your workplace then you need to get a spill kit for cleaning. This is because if oil spillages are not cleared quickly then they can create several problems to the people who are working. Nowadays, most of the factories and manufacturing plants have oil spill kits with them, as they help in cleaning the mess as soon as possible.

    Why to buy oil spill kits

    If you are planning to buy an oil spill kit for your working site then you have to know that generally a spill kit will have an absorbent in it. While buying,...

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  • Absorbent socks help in cleaning different types of liquids

    By Will 23 February 2010

    Spill kits help in cleaning up dangerous or harmful liquids quickly without causing any problems to the cleaners. These spills kits are commonly seen in various industries, garages and manufacturing plants. If you have many liquids at your working place then there is always some chance of spillage which can prove dangerous. For cleaning these spillages, you need to have a spill kit near you.

    Generally, all the spill kits have an absorbent in them which helps in absorbing the liquid quickly. At present, you will find various types of absorbent such as socks, pillows, pads and r...

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  • Spill containment pallets to help control and prevent oil spills

    By John 22 February 2010

    Spill containment pallets are specially designed to hold the leaking contents of a container that has water based liquid or chemicals. The spill containment pallets are specially used to offer added protection and are required in most cases. When you are dealing with dangerous chemicals of any type, you need to be on your guard. There are high probabilities wherein these drums containing oil or chemicals may leak. Thus, there is a need to safeguard your facility, your environment and yourself.

    The spill containment pallets are a great solution for this problem. Whether you h...

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