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March 2010

  • Spill containment pallets are important business requirements

    By Will 31 March 2010

    Generally, spill pallets are containers that come in many different sizes for managing different kinds of spills. They greatly help in controlling the outflow of drums or any other kind of fluid container. When the containers are filled with flammable liquids or chemicals, it is important to protect them from any kind of leakage. The spill containment pallets are usually made from high density polyethylene. Most models even feature a removable poly grate for easy cleaning.

    There are all-polyethylene spill containment pallets that feature a lockable and weather-proof design. ...

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  • Why to keep spill kits ready at your working site

    By John 30 March 2010

    If you use chemicals at your working site then make sure you have spill kits nearby. This is because spills take place accidentally and can prove very harmful to the people who are working in the area, so it is very important to clean up the liquid as soon as possible.

    Various types of spill kits

    When buying, you will find various types of spill kits, such as universal spill kits, oil spill kits and hazmat spill kits. All these kits are designed to clean specific kinds of liquid from the ground. In addition to this, you will find that spill kits ...

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  • Clean large sized oil spills with absorbent booms

    By Dean 29 March 2010

    If you work somewhere where you sometimes need to clean up a lot of oil or other types of liquid then make sure that you have a spill kit at your workplace. This is because spill kits help in cleaning various types of liquids and fluids easily and safely. One of the most important components in a spill kit is an absorbent which helps in absorbing liquids from the floor or water.

    You will find different kinds of absorbents such as absorbent pads, rolls, pillows, booms, socks and others. Many people are opting for absorbent booms as they help in cleaning large sizes spills easil...

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  • Use absorbent pillows for cleaning liquids from confined places

    By Will 28 March 2010

    Spill kits are one of most effective ways to clean different types of liquids or fluids. If you have a business where you need to deal with chemicals, oil or other types of liquids then make sure that you have a spill kit ready at your working site. At the time of buying spill kits, you will find that they have absorbents in them which help in absorbing different types of fluids.

    At present, you will find various kinds of absorbents, such as absorbent pads, pillows, socks, booms, rollers, mats, etc. Out of them all, most people are opting for absorbent pillows, which help in c...

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  • The significance of absorbent booms at industrial sites

    By John 27 March 2010

    Nowadays, spill kits are used in many places, such as laboratories, garages and construction sites. This is because spill kits help in cleaning up various types of liquids and fluids quickly and safely. In all spill kits, you will find absorbents which help in absorbing the liquid from the ground or water.

    Spill absorbents are generally made from fibres which help in absorbing and containing different types of liquid. At present, you will find various types of absorbents such as absorbent pads, rollers, pillows, booms, etc.

    Out of them all, absorbent booms are pr...

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  • Battery acid spill kits play an important role in industrial plants

    By Dean 26 March 2010

    Acids are found in most batteries and can cause several problems if leaked. This includes worker injuries, hydrogen explosions and also soil and ground water contamination.

    In addition to this, a battery acid spill can also affect the eyes and skin of the people who are present at the working site. To prevent life-threatening injuries, it is very important to own battery acid spill kits and have them ready at work sites.

    With the help of these battery acid spill kits, you can easily clean up the acid quickly and safely.

    Details about battery...

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  • Selecting the right type of oil spill kit is vital

    By Dean 25 March 2010

    Spills are very common, particularly in businesses that deal with chemicals and liquids. These spills can sometimes be dangerous as the liquids or chemicals may be hazardous, thus potentially causing health problems to workers. Oil spills can also cause environmental damage. So, in order to avoid any accidents or damage, it is important that spills are cleaned up as soon as possible.

    Oil only spill kits can be used to clean substances including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and hydraulic oil.

    When it comes to purchasing an oil spill kit, you should ensure that y...

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  • Absorbent pillows – economical and versatile solutions for cleaning spills

    By Will 24 March 2010

    When your business deals with oils and hazardous chemicals it is essential to have the right spill kit in place to avoid their dangerous consequences. Spill kits come in many different types, and as different types of spill kits are available, it is important to choose the right one to suit your requirements.

    Absorbent pillows are popular with many businesses, as they are great at absorbing liquids. They are neat small packages which are small enough to get into small places such as under radiators. These absorbents can easily absorb an impressive amount of fluid from a spill ...

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  • Oil spill kits are a necessity in a company that deal with hydrocarbons

    By John 23 March 2010

    There are many companies that deal with liquids on an everyday basis. Spills in such places are very common. In some cases, the spills of certain liquids could prove dangerous to the storage area or environment. Not only will the storage place be ruined but the person working there could be harmed as well. This is why it is imperative that such companies make use of spill kits.

    Spill kits are of various types. The most common ones are oil spill kits. These types of kits are the ‘only oil’ type. They are used to clean hydrocarbons like gasoline, hydraulic oil, motor oil, je...

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  • Absorbent booms - ideal solutions for cleaning large amounts of chemicals or oils

    By Dean 22 March 2010

    Do you ever need to clean up oil or another type of hazardous liquid? Are you afraid that you may have to face an oil spill in the future? If yes, then absorbent booms may be the answer. Basically, there are two types of absorbent booms to select from: chemical hazmat booms and oil absorbent booms. If the liquid is hazardous then opt for chemical hazmat booms. If the liquid is mainly hydrocarbon based then get oil absorbent booms.

    Unlike the non-absorbent booms that are mostly used for containing liquid and keeping it from spreading, absorbent booms are specially designed to ...

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