April 2010

  • Solve your business needs with chemical spill kits

    By John 30 April 2010

    Handling chemicals is an extremely delicate process, particularly if the chemicals involved are toxic or hazardous. If chemicals are not handled correctly, they can cause damage to the environment as well as to the people around. Due to this, it is essential to have the right type of chemical spill kit in place to handle any kind of spill accident.

    As chemical spills are most common in many laboratories and business establishments, it is always recommended to have an effective plan ready. Chemical spill kits are available in numerous sizes and shapes. They are specially designe...

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  • Some important advantages of using bunded oil tanks

    By Will 29 April 2010

    Bunded oil tanks are generally used for the transportation of fuel. By using bunded oil tanks you can take all the required precautions and care to meet safety standards. For example, there are many cases wherein oil tanks have leakages. It can also be very dangerous if these tanks or containers come in direct contact with fire. However, in order to avoid such occurrences, it is essential to have the right type of bunded oil tank in place.

    Having quality bunded oil tanks offers many advantages to the users. Bunded oil tanks are delicate products that need to be handled with car...

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  • Clean spillages carefully with absorbent booms

    By Will 28 April 2010

    If you have to deal with different fluids everyday then make sure that you have spill kits ready at your work place. Absorbents play an important role as they help in absorbing hazardous fluids from the ground. Absorbent rolls, pads, mats, socks, booms and pillows are commonly used in most places that deal with liquids on a large scale.

    Out of them all, absorbent booms are one of the most of effective ones as they help in absorbing spills quickly and safely.

    Why choose absorbent booms?

    The strong mesh in absorbent booms makes them mor...

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  • Store hazardous fuel safely in bunded fuel tanks

    By Dean 27 April 2010

    Nowadays, bunded fuel tanks are used in several factories and industrial plants where huge amounts of dangerous fluids are stored. If you also need to handle several harmful liquids then make sure that you get bunded fuel tanks for more safety. At present, manufacturers are coming up with a wide range of fuel tanks. There are tanks with 200 litres to 3,500 litres storing capacity. Thus, you can buy the one as per your storage requirements.

    Structure of bunded fuel tanks

    Bunded fuel tanks are designed in such a way t...

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  • Things that you need to know about oil storage tanks

    By Will 26 April 2010

    Oil storage tanks are some of the most used pieces of equipment in warehouses and commercial plants. They are designed in a way that stores fuel, oil and other harmful liquids safely. Cleaning up leaks can be expensive and can result in environmental damage. For this reason, it is necessary that companies invest in the right oil storage tanks and these should also be inspected properly at regular intervals.

    Types of oil tanks

    Although there are different kinds of oil tanks they can be classified into two categories. This includes oil tanks below the ground and tho...

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  • Understanding the features, design and uses of bunded oil tanks

    By Dean 25 April 2010

    A bund wall is used to prevent inundation of any kind either by liquid or other material.

    About Bunding

    The term bunding is generally used in liquid containment facilities. Bunded oil tanks are used to prevent leakages or spills from oil tanks or pipes. A strong bunded barrier prevents the liquid escaping from the tank or pipe.

    What are bunded tanks used for?

    Bunded tanks are used to prevent harmful toxic substances from overflowing. They thus ensure that the liquid does not cause any sort of damage t...

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  • Spill pallets, a must to provide the desired level of protection from spills and leakages

    By Dean 24 April 2010

    Drum leakages are a major concern, especially when you stock dangerous chemicals or hazardous liquids. According to the law, it is essential to prevent any sort of leakage and ensure that your workers are provided with the optimum level of protection. In addition, the law also states that the surrounding environment should also be protected efficiently.

    Enhanced protection with spill pallets

    Spill pallets can be used for different applications. For instance, spill pallets can provide the desired protection if you have large oil barrels or a barre...

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  • Ideal ways to use absorbent socks when cleaning up spills

    By Dean 23 April 2010

    When it comes to keeping floors in workplaces clean and free from any kind of spill, having proper absorbent socks on the premises is necessary. These objects are ideal for places where other absorbents do not work that well. Absorbent socks absorb spills in order to prevent them from spreading and harming employees, the stock and even the environment.

    Absorbent socks are available in many different kinds today. But just selecting the right kind of absorbent socks is not enough. It is also important that they are used correctly. Here are some tips on using absorbent socks corr...

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  • The main reasons to keep chemical spill kits at your work place

    By John 23 April 2010

    Many manufacturing businesses use various types of liquids and chemicals as part of their production processes. At these sites, accidental spills may also occur on a regular basis. Handling chemicals is a very delicate procedure, as they are toxic and hazardous in nature. If these spills are not contained and cleared safely and quickly then they can cause problems to the environment and your staff.

    So, it is very important to make use of chemical spill kits where dangerous chemicals are used.

    Why do you need to buy chemical spill kits?

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  • Bunded fuel tanks are perfect for storing different types of fluids

    By Will 22 April 2010

    Bunded fuel tanks are one of the best ways to store fuels, chemicals and other hazardous fluids. These fuel tanks have inner tanks which provide double protection. This design makes them different and more efficient than other storage tanks. If you have a factory or industry plant where you need to store different chemicals then get bunded fuel tanks as they prevent leakages and spillages.

    The latest bunded fuel tanks have electrically-operated pumps which help in shutting off the nozzles, dispensing hoses and sockets.

    Various benefits offered by bunded fuel tanks<...>

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