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May 2010

  • Spill control and personal protective equipment

    By Will 30 May 2010

    Control equipment is essential to reduce the exposure of dangerous substances to employees in an industrial environment. There are many companies that use a variety of dangerous chemicals and substances all over the UK. And, each of these companies needs to have good working practices in place to minimise the risk to employees.

    Two common control measures to minimise risk that need regular maintenance are spill control and personal protective equipment

    Spill control

    Hazardous chemicals are commonly found in liquid form and as such sho...

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  • Top kill method continues are a brief suspension

    By nathan 29 May 2010

    The fight against the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico continues as BP start pumping mud into the oil well again following a brief suspension to the top kill spill control method.

    It is not clear whether the top kill method has worked yet, but with BP estimating that they have spent £640m on response costs, they will be hoping for a success.

    The top kill procedure was briefly suspended so that progress could be monitored but the method has been continued again now.

    It is expected that news of whether the procedure has worked will be heard over the we...

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  • Control equipment and a competent person

    By Will 28 May 2010

    In previous articles we have discussed the importance of maintaining your control equipment and making sure that it will do the job that it is intended to do. Here, we will discuss who that person should be and what skills they should have.

    Maintenance should be done by a competent person

    Just as you would expect that the person who designed and installed your control equipment should have an adequate level of competency in the job they did, you should also make sure that designated members of staff on your site are also competent at maintaining an...

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  • Good control practices for employers

    By John 27 May 2010

    Employers need to have ongoing maintenance procedures in place to look after their spill control and containment devices. If these devices are not maintained regularly and checked that when called upon, they can do the job they are intended to do, the consequences could be disastrous.

    Here is a list of things you might think about when designing good control practices:

    • Are you using the right control measure according to the amount of substance you are using?

    • Are you checking on a regular basis that the systems you have will work when required?


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  • BP plan ‘top kill’ procedure to plug oil leak

    By nathan 26 May 2010

    Diagnostic tests have been carried out to determine whether BP can go ahead with their plans to plug the leaking oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The plan is to use a ‘top kill’ system which involves heavy drilling fluids being injected into the well a mile underwater.

    Over the last few weeks, several tactics have failed when it has come to trying to stop the leaking oil doing any more damage so now BP are really feeling the pressure for this latest plan to work.

    It has been estimated that around 5,000 barrels of oil are leaking a day and this is dest...

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  • New problems for BP as US get-tough

    By Dean 25 May 2010

    BP's problems in the Gulf of Mexico seem to be increasing, as the global company is coming under increasing pressure from the US government.

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has said BP have not met

    “deadline after deadline”

    in their attempts to seal the leak and also stated that the US government would

    “push them out of the way appropriately”

    if it was found that they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing.

    BP have agreed to pay in excess of...

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  • Pressure grows on BP after oil continues to leak

    By Dean 24 May 2010

    BP's efforts to contain the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico seem to taken a setback, after it was reported that the oil containment device currently being used was not collecting as much oil as it had previously done three days earlier.

    BP has been struggling to contain the leak which started over a month ago after the Deep Water Horizon oil rig exploded. They have tried to use various methods of containment but with the blow-out at a depth of 5,000ft, it is proving to be a difficult task. To date it is estimated that a quantity of oil in excess of 1million barrels has escaped ...

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  • Use the right control equipment to contain your spills (Part 2)

    By Dean 23 May 2010

    In the last article we discussed how important it is to use the right type of control equipment and the need to keep it in good working condition. Here we will continue with this discussion.

    Check your control equipment

    If you follow safe systems of work and a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule, you will be able to notice any defects or problems before the system breaks down or needs to be used. If for example you use a variety of bunded spill pallets on your site, a regular check of the pallets for defects or damage will mean that if ...

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  • Use the right control equipment to contain your spills (Part 1)

    By John 22 May 2010

    We have mentioned previously how important it is to have safe systems of work in place. And adequate control methods, to protect your employees from the risk of being exposed to a dangerous substance or chemical. There are a few things you can do to control the risk, including using a less harmful product than the one you are currently using and enclosing the process so none of the dangerous product will escape, such as using spill pallets.

    In this article and the next we will discuss the need for the correct control equipment.

    Using control equipment

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  • Get the right oil spill kit

    By Dean 21 May 2010

    It is perhaps quite apt to write an article about oil spill kits at the moment, as the US faces the largest oil cleanup operation it has ever seen.

    Oil spill kits are not just essential for large scale spills, they are also important for companies who only use oil on an infrequent basis. There are of course many different types of spill kits currently available on the market with absorption capacities from just 10 litres to many thousands of litres.

    If you are looking for an oil spill kit it’s worth performing a risk assessment on the amount of oil that may be l...

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