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July 2010

  • Don’t let a spill compromise the security of your staff and the financial security of your business

    By Dean 30 July 2010

    You only need to switch on the news or open a newspaper to realise just how disastrous a spill can be- as demonstrated in the BP oil spill situation.

    Although the potential consequences of a spill in your workplace might not be as devastating as those in the Gulf of Mexico, the risks posed to the health of your staff, workplace and environment can still be significant.

    With companies in many sectors working with or around chemicals, oil and fuels, it is of extreme importance that relevant spill control measures are put in place.

    Every employer has a re...

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  • Spill containment- make sure you’re prepared

    By Will 29 July 2010

    For many businesses, spills are somewhat inevitable, and this is why it’s important that the workplace is always fully equipped with the items necessary to deal with spills speedily and efficiently.

    Spills of hazardous substances can not only pose a threat to the health of workers, but also to the environment, and a breach of health and safety regulations could land you in very hot water.

    In order to minimise the effects of a spill, suitable control and containment equipment needs to be close to hand.

    As there are so many specially tailored items of ...

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  • Enrol your staff on a spill training programme

    By John 28 July 2010

    When you own a business which requires staff to work with and around hazardous and potentially hazardous substances such as oil and chemicals, it’s vital that you ensure that they are all fully aware of the correct procedures to follow in the event of a spill.

    Even sites which have very strict preventative measures in place can fall victim to a spill, which is why enrolling all staff on a spill training programme is of extreme importance.

    Whatever industry you work in, as spill training can be carried out on your work site, you can rest assured that staff will re...

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  • Drum storage units are another weapon in your fight against spills

    By Dean 27 July 2010

    Although the majority of the time you can never predict when you will find yourself tackling a spill, there are many effective preventative measures which you can take in order to minimise the risks.

    There are several industries today in which the storage of oil, fuels and hazardous substances is commonplace, and it goes without saying that, for these industries it is absolutely imperative that every possible precaution is taken in order to stop any spill occurring.

    If you work with substances which are stored in drums, you will be aware that even small spills can ...

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  • Absorbents colour coding and uses

    By Will 26 July 2010

    With the array of absorbent materials on offer, from different manufacturers, to clean up spills how do you choose the right kit? Or know what liquids different absorbent materials will deal with?

    Perhaps the first thing to consider before buying absorbent materials or spill kits is to look at the different potential spill hazards you have on site. Do you use chemicals? Do you use fuel oil?

    Absorbent material products to clean up spills come in three different types - general absorbents, oil absorbents and chemical absorbents and these are now usually colour coded...

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  • Outside drip trays and plant nappies

    By John 25 July 2010

    If you use generators or pumps at your industrial site, best practices needs you to make sure that fuel spills from these devices do not make their way into the surrounding environment. Legislation is strict regarding prevention of flow of pollutants into drains or water courses, with large fines handed out if you are found doing this.

    The best way to capture spills from machinery is by using a drip tray. However this can sometimes prove difficult outside, as conventional drip trays will also capture rain water and quickly overflow. Another problem with this is that any fuel/wa...

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  • Rotary and siphon pumps

    By John 24 July 2010

    If you use drums or IBCs at your industrial site, you will need a way to pump liquid from these containers into other vessels. Drum pumps are the perfect device to use here. However, which drum pump should you use?

    Drum pumps come in types such as:

    • Level operated pumps

    • Rotary pumps

    • Siphon pumps

    • Electric pumps

    Rotary drum pumps

    Rotary drum pumps are an excellent way to remove stored liquid from a drum. They pump 0.4 litres per revolution and are suitable for all petroleum products when the contain...

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  • Fuel dispensing cubes

    By Dean 23 July 2010

    If you need to store diesel or gas oil at your industrial site, but only need to store a relatively small amount, a fuel dispensing cube is the perfect option. Fuel dispensing cubes come in either 200 litre or 460 litre capacity sizes with the option of a 110V operating system or a 240V operating system.

    Manufactured and designed to the latest fuel storage regulations, the fuel dispensing cubes feature an all steel construction with a lockable lid. Generator flow and return pipes are fitted as standard for ease of connection and the tanks are supplied with a hand pump or option...

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  • Shoulder bag spill kits

    By John 22 July 2010

    If you need to carry a spill kit with you as part of your daily work activities, you need to use one that can be easily carried, but also contains everything you might need if you have to deal with a spill. An over the shoulder spill kit is the perfect kit to use here.

    Over the shoulder spill kits are designed to be carried easily by the user. And a shoulder bag can contain a huge amount of spill cleanup devices. So if you need to keep the bag handy in your vehicle, in the workshop or even hung at the ready in your warehouse, this type of kit is a great one to choose. Because ...

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  • Environment Agency PPGs

    By Will 21 July 2010

    The Environment Agency has strict guidelines and environmental regulations in place to prevent the pollution of our environment. And to do this, they have developed a series of Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs) that offer advice to various business sectors to stop pollution and hence comply with the law.

    There are thousands of pollution instances every year in the UK, with an unfortunate number going unreported. Most of these originate from factories, farms and transport but they can also originate from your home. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as most of these...

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