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September 2010

  • The different types of absorbent materials

    By Will 30 September 2010

    One of the best ways to soak up spills is by using absorbent materials. And, absorbent materials are now manufactured especially to soak up certain types of liquid spills. They are available in types such as:

    Absorbent pillows

    It’s the flexibility of absorbent pillows that makes them perfect for mopping up spills. Their flexible shape, that can be packed into tight spaces and their ability at soaking up pooled spills, means they are perfect to keep at any industrial site.

    Absorbent pads

    Absorbent pads ar...

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  • Fuel spill in St. Lawrence Seaway

    By Dean 29 September 2010

    A fuel spill at a Montreal refinery could have had severe consequences for the St. Lawrence Seaway, had local residents not noticed a fuel type smell near one of the reservoirs owned by the site.

    The spill happened on Tuesday night at the Port of Montreal and originated from the Suncor owned refinery.

    Melissa Kent from CBC reported:

    "Firefighters were first called to the scene just after 8:30 last night after neighbours called to complain about a strong fuel-like smell,"

    The length of the spil...

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  • Industrial drip trays

    By John 29 September 2010

    There are many uses of drip trays in an industrial environment. From the simple catching of drips from a leaky piece of machinery, to a place to keep liquid storage containers while the contents are being used, they are an essential component of every industrial business.

    Work surface drip trays

    Work surface drip trays are essential for those people who work with liquids on a daily basis. Electrical and mechanical engineers may use these types of trays to place oil cans or liquid lubricants whilst they are being used. Laboratories that use chemical...

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  • Steel fuel bowsers

    By Dean 28 September 2010

    If you need to dispense fuel at your industrial site, you need a bunded fuel tank that can take care of all your fuel storage and usage needs.

    Steel fuel bowsers are made in accordance with the latest Oil Storage Regulations 2001 and come in many different sizes. They can be used for refuelling your vehicles, as a secondary tank for generators or even for storage of fuels such as diesel, paraffin or kerosene.

    Steel bowsers are available in capacity sizes up to 1,400 litres and have a bund capacity of 110%, so if the inner tank fails the contents of the bowser will ...

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  • Can the UK cope with an oil spill of the magnitude of Deepwater Horizon?

    By Dean 27 September 2010

    There have been industry wide calls for a ban on deepwater drilling after the recent Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. But only on Friday the members of OPSPAR – countries with shorelines around the eastern Atlantic, including Britain, rejected the proposals put to them regarding a ban.

    The Department for Energy and Climate Change are currently considering three deep wells off Shetland, two run by Chevron and one by BP. So the question that should be asked is - “How ready is the UK, to cope with a spill of the magnitude of the recent spill in the Gulf of Mex...

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  • Footage from Gulf oil spill realises volume estimate

    By Dean 26 September 2010

    New video footage of the oil that leaked from the damaged well in the Gulf of Mexico has just been released. And the footage has led to the ratification of the estimated volume of oil spilled, initially realised by US federal government advisers.

    In total, the estimate of the amount of crude oil that leaked into the Gulf of Mexico is now 4.4 million barrels. The well leaked uncontrollably from the 22nd April until the 15th July and the oil released was enough to fill four Olympic swimming pools every day.

    Using optical plume velocimetry, marine biologists Maya Tois...

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  • Spill pallets and spill sumps

    By John 25 September 2010

    Industries that use oil drums have to pay careful attention to the way they store their drums in case there is a spillage of liquid. Liquid stored in drums can be hazardous to health and the environment and hence provisions must be made to keep both employees safe and stop environmental damage. A good spill control device to use in these situations is called a spill pallet or sometimes a sump pallet. If you use spill or sump pallets under your drums, any liquid can be carefully contained.

    A spill pallet will catch any drips or leaks from drums, and because the pallet has a capa...

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  • Bunded storage facilities

    By Dean 24 September 2010

    There are many different types of liquid storage containers. However, those that contain substances that may be hazardous to health or the environment have to comply with certain regulations so they can be classed as being safe to use. Different liquid storage options include:

    Bunded storage

    Bunded storage provides a storage facility that does not just provide a place to put your liquid containers; it also provides a bund which can hold the contents of the containers if they are damaged, so that they will not escape to the surrounding environment. ...

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  • Oil washes up on Southend and Canvey beaches

    By Dean 23 September 2010

    An oil slick has washed up on a beach in Essex. The spill, which is approximately 500 litres of heavy duty oil, leaked from a ship in the Thames Estuary late on Sunday.

    The oil has affected a stretch of beach approximately four miles long near the Southend Sea Life Centre with parts of the Canvey beach also affected.

    The spill cleanup operation has already started with Southend Borough Council and Castle Point Council already taking steps to remove the pollution. Members of the public have been asked to keep off the beaches until the spill clean-up has been complet...

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  • Make sure staff are trained at spill control and prevention

    By Will 22 September 2010

    If you have a potential risk on site, it’s important that all your staff are trained regarding the risk, so they know the steps to take should there be an accident.

    Preparation can make accident response times tumble, as the workers who respond will know how to cope with the situation and take the right steps straight away. And this is becoming increasingly important at industrial sites that use harmful liquids such as chemicals and fuel.

    If your staff are trained at coping with spills at your industrial site, they will be able to respond quickly and potentially ...

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