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October 2010

  • Don’t let hazardous spilled liquid enter the drainage system

    By Dean 31 October 2010

    If you have a spill at your industrial site, you will not just have to contain and clean the spilled area, you will need to make sure the spilled liquid does not find its way into the waste water system where it could be a hazard to the environment.

    To stop spilled liquids making their way into grids, gulleys and drains, there are a range of different drain covers available.

    Plug Rug

    A Plug Rug is a drain cover that can be moulded to the dimensions and shape of the drain. It’s a water tight versatile solution that is available in a r...

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  • Molten aluminium spilled from factory

    By John 30 October 2010

    Oil spills and fuel spills can be difficult to clean up and completely remove the spilled liquid. So what happens when fifty tonnes of molten aluminium are spilled?

    That’s just what happened at a foundry in Shropshire last week. Fire crews were called to the incident at Bridgnorth Aluminium at 11 pm on Sunday when it was reported that the molten liquid had leaked from a furnace. They remained on the scene for 8 hours trying to contain and control the spill and ensuing fire.

    Four fire crews were called to the incident from fire stations in Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock, Newpo...

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  • Threat of oil spill in the Philippines contained

    By Dean 29 October 2010

    An oil spill from a grounded tanker has been threatening the coast of Pagudpud in the Philippines.

    The spill, from an abandoned North Korean cargo ship had increased in rate over the last few days due to rough seas to about 200 litres per hour.

    Salvaging operations were undergoing on the vessel before bad weather meant they had to stop. The district commander of the coastguard of Northern Luzon, Captain George Ursabia, has said that locals living near the coast have no cause for concern, as dispersant chemicals are being sprayed on the affected area which breaks...

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  • Oil spill on M8 causes traffic chaos

    By John 28 October 2010

    There were major delays on the M8 in Scotland yesterday when an oil spill on the carriageway caused traffic chaos.

    Drivers faced hours of queues after the incident near Harthill Services in West Lothian. The accident, which resulted in two lanes of the eastbound motorway being closed, happened during the morning rush hour.

    The tailbacks on the motorway reached as far back as Ballieston in Glasgow with police warning motorists to allow more time to complete their journey.

    Strathclyde Police were called to the incident on Wednesday morning and had to use spill ...

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  • Staff ill after hospital chemical spill

    By Dean 27 October 2010

    A chemical spill at a hospital in Scotland left staff needing medical attention after they suffered breathing difficulties.

    The spill, at Ayr Hospital on Dalmellington Road, affected eight members of staff who were working near the intensive care ward. The spill occurred from a refrigeration unit located nearby, firefighters were called and had to wear chemical suits and breathing apparatus to seal the leak, thought to be ammonia.

    Patients were evacuated from the hospital as a precaution during the spill incident which happened at 6:45pm on Tuesday evening.


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  • Drum taps, pumps and dollies

    By Dean 26 October 2010

    If you use liquid containment drums at your industrial site, you will be aware of the safety implications of storing them appropriately. To do this you need to use the right type of equipment to make sure that the risk of a spill is minimised.

    Drum taps

    If you use the right type of drum taps you can minimise the risk of an accidental spill from a tap.

    Drum taps are available in types including simple to use polyethylene which is chemical resistant, to hardwearing cast iron which is perfect for industrial use. Some taps are self closing meanin...

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  • China oil spill hits the headlines

    By Dean 25 October 2010

    China’s largest ever oil spill hit the headlines at the weekend again after a blaze at the oil spill site brought the disaster back into public view.

    The spill at Xingang port, Dalian, in July was largely overshadowed at the time by the enormity of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Greenpeace put the figure of oil spilled in Dalian between 60,000 and 90,000 tonnes, a significant amount.

    The spill cleanup operation in the port is ongoing and the knock on effects of the oil has hit the local fishing village and the economy hard. And with no damages awarded to any of ...

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  • Weather oil slick found south of New Orleans

    By John 25 October 2010

    Sea water off the coast of New Orleans is being tested after a large area of discoloured water was discovered this weekend, prompting fears that it could be oil from the Deepwater horizon oil spill.

    Tests on the water will be able to confirm whether the discolouration, which is suspected to be oil, actually originated from the Macondo well. There also appears to be a large algal bloom in the area which Jeff Hall, from United Area Command says could account for some of the discolouration.

    Two reconnaissance flights and two sea going vessels checked the waters on Sat...

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  • Some of the different types of spill kits available

    By John 24 October 2010

    There are many different types of spill kits now available on the market. These include large sized kits, that are perfect for use at industrial sites and are stored in wheeled bins or lockers, and smaller spill kits that are perfect to store on a vehicle or in the workshop.

    Vehicle oil spill kits

    These spill kits are the perfect accessory for an HGV or van driver. The kits come in easy to carry bags and have about 28 litres absorbency capacity.

    Forklift spill kits

    The essential accessory for forklift truc...

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  • Industrial storage and health and safety

    By Dean 23 October 2010

    Everyone knows that a tidy workshop is a safe workshop. And if everything has a place, then it can be located quickly when it is needed. To aid industrial sites and improve the health and safety of workers at these sites, different storage facilities and safety equipment is available to purchase.

    Steel shelving

    Steel shelving is a necessity in many industrial environments, for the storage of spare and replacement items. Most industrial sites will carry a level of stock for different electrical and mechanical components and these are commonly stored...

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