November 2010

  • De-icing equipment is essential at this time of year

    By Dean 30 November 2010

    At sites where potentially hazardous or toxic material is stored or handled, safety precautions are always necessary, all year round. However, even if your site is fully prepared with emergency spill kits, safety signs and personal protective equipment, you are likely to encounter new challenges when winter comes around.

    The winter season is already upon us, bringing freezing temperatures, ice and snow. This can play havoc with health and safety at your site, so to protect employees and equipment, extra site maintenance measures may be needed.

    Luckily, after dang...

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  • Liquid spill from lorry on A59

    By John 29 November 2010

    A liquid spill from a lorry in North Yorkshire caused a busy roundabout on the A59 to be closed last Wednesday evening.

    The roundabout on the A59, which is the one that links the road with the M1 motorway at Allerton Park, was closed at about 6.15pm after a red liquid was spilled after a package fell off the back of a lorry. The road in question is one of North Yorkshire’s busiest, so huge delays were caused by the closure.

    Specialist spill control and monitoring equipment had to be brought to the scene from West Yorkshire so the spill could be analysed before be...

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  • IBC storage containers

    By John 28 November 2010

    If you use IBCs at your industrial site, you will need a safe way to store them that meets current hazardous liquid storage regulations.

    Bunded IBC storage is available in a range of different sizes, suitable for the storage of a differing number of IBC storage containers. All meet the Control of Pollution Regulations and meet PPG26 from the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines.

    IBC storage benefits

    IBC stores are exceptionally durable and can withstand the rigours of being sited outdoors during harsh weather conditio...

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  • Heating oil tank owners urged to check for leaks

    By John 27 November 2010

    As the chilly winter days set in, users of heating oil are being asked to check their oil tanks for leaks by Wessex Water.

    Users of heating oil have a responsibility to check their heating oil tanks for points where oil can escape. And it’s usually at this time of year, when the tanks are filled ahead of the winter season, that most homeowners notice they have a problem.

    However, the spillage of heating oil can have detrimental effects on the environment, not to mention the pocket of the homeowner who has lost the oil.

    Wessex Water’s operation Str...

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  • Fire brigade specialist equipment vehicle attends nitric acid spill in Princes Risborough

    By Dean 26 November 2010

    A nitric acid spill at an engineering firm in Princes Risborough resulted in the attendance of two fire engines and a specialist equipment vehicle.

    About a litre of nitric acid was spilled at Total Carbide on Picts Lane on the 16th of November. One person was taken to hospital as a direct result of the spill and is believed to have suffered breathing difficulties after breathing in the fumes.

    One fire engine from Princes Risborough and one from nearby Aylesbury attended the scene. They were joined by a specialist equipment vehicle from Aylesbury and the Operational...

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  • Barbourne firm found guilty of oil spill

    By Will 25 November 2010

    A firm in Barbourne has been told by Worcester Magistrate’s Court that it will have to pay a fine of £12,000 and costs of £5,563 after it was found guilty of polluting a brook in Gheluvelt park, Worcester.

    Mark Group Limited of Leicester pleaded guilty to the charges of polluting Barbourne Brook on the 17th of November 2008.

    The Environment Agency received information on the 14th of November 2008 about oil being present in the brook. Upon investigation, they traced the oil to an outflow near the premises of Mark Group Ltd. Environment Agency officers discovere...

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  • Cairn Energy oil spill plan

    By Dean 24 November 2010

    An energy company based in Scotland has refused to give full details about its spill response plan should there be an accident when it is drilling for oil in the Arctic.

    The company, Cairn Energy, is due to carry out tests in the Greenland area in the spring. An investigation carried out by the BBC and the Greenland government has found the lack of information was in part to stop third party companies finding out the energy company’s plans.

    The Arctic has still been largely unexplored in the search for oil, with many experts believing that there are about a quart...

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  • Mini spill kits

    By John 23 November 2010

    Spill kits come in a range of sizes, from small sized kits that can deal with the smallest of spills, to kits that have to be pushed along in a wheelie bin container that can cope with spills of over 1200 litres of liquid.

    Mini spill kits only have the absorbency capacity to soak up liquids of up to 10 litres in volume. But this is quite an achievement, considering they come in a small pouch that can be tucked away in the boot of your car or positioned for emergency use on a forklift truck.

    Mini oil spill kits

    Mini oil spill kits have ...

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  • Diesel spill in River Tawd

    By John 22 November 2010

    A diesel spill in the River Tawd is being investigated by the Environment Agency. It was initially noticed by passersby who were crossing a bridge near Skelmersdale police station. The agency were contacted and sent an inspecting officer to gather samples.

    The Environment Agency quickly deduced that the spill was diesel and went about making provisions to contain the spill and find the source of the problem.

    A spokesperson for the Environment Agency, speaking in the Ormskirk and Skelmersdale advertiser stated:

    “The source of...
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  • Holdall spill kits

    By Dean 21 November 2010

    It may not be viable to have a spill kit at every area in your factory where a spill may occur, so having a spill kit that is portable and easily deployed if a spill happens is always a good idea.

    Holdall spill kits are kits that contain everything you need to deal with a small sized spill. They can be carried over the shoulder and so can be kept at hand ready to deal with a spill. They are the perfect kit to keep in your truck or van so you can cope with spills while on the move.

    Holdall chemical spill kits

    These spill kits contain en...

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