December 2010

  • Three types of spill kit

    By John 30 December 2010

    Every factory should have at least one spill kit which it can use if oil or fuel is spilled on site.

    Spill kits are available in a huge array of different types, with many available in different sizes to suit different industrial situations.

    The three most common types of spill kits are:

    General purpose spill kits

    These kits are perfect to keep at the ready in case any type of hazardous liquid is spilled. They contain items such as spill control socks and pads and contain everything you need to control and deal with spills.

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  • Spill at Tilbury leads to chemical clean up

    By Will 29 December 2010

    A chemical spill at Tilbury docks led to a spill response operation by the local fire brigade.

    The spill occurred when a valve on a bulk liquid storage tank broke and the contents of the tank started to pour out with no means of stopping. The liquid inside the tank was ethanol, which is not just toxic but also highly volatile and hence flammable.

    The spill happened on the 14th of December and fire crews from both Orsett and Grays attended the scene. The bulk storage tank whose valve was damaged can store up to 33,000 litres of liquid and the ethanol was described ...

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  • Chemical spill at school prompts evacuation

    By Will 28 December 2010

    Chemical spills and fuel spills can be planned for in an industrial environment, but when a chemical spill happens at a school it comes as somewhat of a surprise. But that’s what happened at a school in Watford last week.

    Children at a school in Chorleywood were evacuated on the 16th of December when a toxic substance was spilled onto the classroom floor. Fire fighters were immediately called to the scene at St Clement Danes School when approximately two litres of formaldehyde was spilt.

    The liquid, which is used for preservation purposes, was spilt on a science...

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  • Oil spill on river in Hitchin

    By Dean 27 December 2010

    Oil contamination in a river in Hitchin has led to a wildlife rescue operation after more than 20 birds were significantly oiled after using the river.

    The rescue operation took several days to be complete on Walsworth Common, with one RSPCA inspector braving the cold weather and wading into the water in an attempt to coax the oiled birds to the bank, where other inspectors with nets were waiting.

    All the birds have been taken to a nearby wildlife hospital to be cleaned.

    The Environment Agency made an urgent response after receiving a phone call infor...

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  • Quicklime spill at factory in Burton

    By Dean 26 December 2010

    A chemical spill at an animal feed plant in Burton led to workers being evacuated and local residents being told to stay indoors.

    A system failure at the plant released a large quantity of quicklime, which gave off noxious fumes. The incident at the Rumenco plant was described as a critical incident by police and alongside six fire engines and a number of ambulances, the Midlands Air Ambulance were also scrambled.

    The spill at the plant is the second involving quicklime in the past few years.

    A number of people were checked over by the ambulance crews ...

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  • Prepare yourself for 2011 with new spill kits

    By Will 25 December 2010

    With many businesses now starting to prepare for closure over the Christmas and New Year period, there are lots of loose ends to be tied up and lots of different tasks to be dealt with.

    If your workplace is preparing to wind down, as well as dealing with any tasks for 2010, you also need to start looking ahead to the New Year when it comes to ensuring that you’re properly equipped as far as safety is concerned.

    If you work in an environment where the chances of a spill occurring is very high, you will no doubt be aware that you need to ensure that you have adequa...

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  • Chemical spill in Holbeach St Marks

    By Dean 24 December 2010

    A chemical spill at a factory in Holbeach St Marks resulted in two members of staff attending hospital last week.

    The spill happened at the Bakkavor Pizza on Saturday evening. Around 30 firefighters attended the scene after being called when the spill occurred. When they arrived they attended to the two members of staff who were suffering with breathing difficulties due to breathing in an over concentrated chemical. When paramedics arrived on the scene the staff members were showered to remove any chemical residue and taken to hospital.

    The area was cordoned off wh...

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  • Rock salt is essential for businesses at this time of year

    By Dean 23 December 2010

    Very few of us have managed to escape the ice and snow this winter, and if weather reports are to be believed, we could be looking at a very long and very harsh winter.

    Although none of us have any control over climatic conditions, the consequences and disruption caused can be reduced by ensuring that you’re prepared.

    Last winter, scores of individuals and businesses alike found themselves completely unprepared for the onslaught of snow, and in many areas, rock salt was in very short supply. However, this year rock salt suppliers are prepared for whatever the wea...

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  • Spills- don’t risk having to deal with a disaster

    By John 22 December 2010

    Whatever type of liquids you deal with- hazardous or otherwise- there’s always a risk that a spill might occur, and for this reason, you need to ensure that your workplace possesses adequate equipment to clear up any spill quickly and easily.

    It goes without saying that spills of any hazardous substances need to be cleared up without delay with the correct type of spill kit. Carefully assess the type and volume of hazardous substances which you handle on a regular basis and invest accordingly.

    Whilst non-hazardous substances might not present immediate danger, as...

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  • General purpose spill kits

    By Will 21 December 2010

    Every industrial site should be prepared in case of a hazardous liquid spill, whether it is a fuel spill, an acid spill or a chemical spill the site needs to make provision for controlling the spill and cleaning it up effectively.

    Spill kits have been designed to cope with a huge number of different types of spills and can make dealing with a spilled substance a quick, efficient operation. Some of the products found in spill kits include:

    • Absorbent socks

    • Absorbent pads

    • Absorbent pillows

    • Absorbent granules

    • Disposable bags ...

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