March 2011

  • Degreasing equipment and solutions

    By Will 31 March 2011

    Spill kits are extremely effective at dealing with a spill on an industrial site. Whether the spill was chemical based or simply oil based, there is a type of spoil kit that can be used to contain the spill and clean it up. There are however some instances when the floor where the spill happened needs further attention so employees do not slip on the surface. And in instances like this you may need to clean the floor using a degreasing product.

    Types of degreasing agents include:

    Oil degreaser

    This solution cleans oil spills and fuel s...

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  • Industrial spill control and PPGs

    By Dean 30 March 2011

    There are many pollution instances in the UK every year, and in most cases these could have been stopped or at least minimised if the right spill control equipment had been used.

    There are of course strict procedures to follow so the environment is not damaged by a hazardous spilled liquid and The Environment Agency enforce this with a set of Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs), which give advice to the community and business operatives as to how they can meet current regulations.

    Most pollution incidents in the UK originate from industrial sites but incidents ...

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  • Forklift truck spill kits

    By Dean 29 March 2011

    There are a wide range of spill kits available for use in every type of industry. From spill kits that can be used to clean up major chemical spills, to small spill kits that are suitable for use in a workshop environment, there is a great choice on offer.

    Spill kits are primarily used to contain the spill so it doesn’t contaminate the surrounding area and to clean up the spill so the spilled liquid can be effectively removed. The kits usually contain items such as absorbent materials, PPE and some sort of bag to dispose of the used items.

    Spill kits are used wid...

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  • Children taken to hospital after reports of chemical spill

    By Dean 28 March 2011

    Police, fire crews and the ambulance service were in action at the weekend after a reported chemical spill in West Lothian.

    A police spokesperson confirmed that four children had been taken to hospital after coming into contact with waste materials outside a dentist surgery in Market Place, Whitburn. Police later confirmed however that there was in fact no spillage, but the children had in fact come into contact with chemical residue from waste products at the rear of the surgery.

    The Scottish ambulance service attended the scene after being called by the fire brig...

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  • Spill containment booms and absorbent booms

    By Dean 27 March 2011

    Spill containment booms and spill absorbent booms are important spill control and containment devices. These booms can be used quite effectively on land and also at sea or on watercourses to stop spilled liquid reach a protected area.

    Absorbent booms

    Absorbent booms don’t just stop a spilled substance reaching a protected area or keep the spill contained. They also soak up the spilled liquid and collect it, so that it is removed from the environment where the absorbent boom is used. Because most absorbent booms are water repellent so they can be ...

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  • Industrial spill training

    By Dean 26 March 2011

    Spills can happen at any time, so any company that uses hazardous liquids must have policies in place that shows employees how to handle these particular liquids in case of a spill.

    The health and safety of employees and the environment should be a top priority for all industrial businesses, but to do this they need to have the right procedures and products in place. Because spills can be common in industry, it’s important that staff who work at industrial sites are adequately trained in spill response, so they know what to do when a certain type of spill occurs.

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  • Five mile oil spill in Aberdeen

    By Will 25 March 2011

    Generally oil spills from vehicles can be contained quickly and the spill covers only a certain area. However, this week road users had to contend with a five mile oil spill on the roads of Aberdeen.

    Road users were greeted with the five mile spill at around 11am last Friday morning. It appears that the spill originated somewhere in the Kingswell area before ending at Riverside drive. Police were made aware of the incident and quickly called gritters to the scene after a number of drivers reported their cars ‘slipping’ on the surface.

    One man who was interviewe...

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  • Different types of drip trays

    By Dean 24 March 2011

    When using heavy machinery, there will be some form of lubrication that is needed for the machine to operate properly. And in some cases this lubricant may leak.

    Mobile generators are notoriously dirty devices to use and often leak oil or fuel products. Because of this a drip tray should be used whenever possible with this type of equipment to catch fluid drips and protect the area where the generator is being used. There are a number of different types of drip trays available including:

    Steel drip trays

    Steel drip trays are perfect to...

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  • Oil spill in Tristan da Cunha archipelago endangers penguins

    By Will 23 March 2011

    A colony of penguins in the South Atlantic has been coated with oil, after a cargo ship grounded on the remote Tristan da Cunha islands.

    The ship came aground last week on Nightingale Island, and crude oil which was onboard when the ship grounded has said to have coated a colony of Northern Rockhopper penguins in the dark sticky substance. The MS Olivia was carrying 60,000 tonnes of soya beans from Brazil to Singapore when she got into difficulties off the islands; it is believed that the ship has now broken in two.

    Alongside the beans, the ship was estimated to b...

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  • Different types of liquid storage containers

    By Will 18 March 2011

    There are a number of different ways that liquid can be stored at an industrial site. Below are a types of storage containers.

    Liquid storage at industrial sites

    Intermediate bulk containers have become the common method of storing liquids at industrial sites today. Intermediate bulk container or IBCs can effectively store large volumes of liquids such as solvents, food liquids and chemicals. Their design means the containers can be stored easily and being encased in a steel mesh frame they are protected somewhat from damage by external forces.

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