June 2011

  • Different types of spill kits

    By Dean 30 June 2011

    There are a wide range of different types of spill kits available for use, they can however be categorised making the selection process easier for the potential buyer.

    Oil Spill kits

    These spill kits have been specially designed to soak up and clean oil spills and fuel spills. Most of these types of kits also repel water, making the oil the only substance collected. This means they are the perfect kit to use to collect oil from the surface of a water course, a lake or even the sea.

    General purpose spill kits

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  • Chemical neutralisation products

    By John 28 June 2011

    Factories that use chemicals as part of their day-to-day activities need to have a spill response plan in place should these chemicals leak or contaminate a public area.

    Most companies now have various spill products on suite including absorbents and spill kits but if you have a range of neutralisation products available to hand as part of your spill response as well, you should be able to clean the chemical spill quite successfully, neutralising any harmful liquid before someone comes into contact with it.

    Chemical neutralisers come in either acid, alkali or bleac...

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  • Industrial bins and wheelie bins

    By Will 27 June 2011

    Many domestic premises now have a range of wheelie bins for their household waste. There is usually a general waste bin, a garden waste bin, a bottle and plastics bin and a bin for paper and card. The different bins are easily recognisable as they use specific colours for different types of waste.

    On an industrial scale, the waste from factories is treated in a similar way, except usually to a much larger degree and there is usually lots of different types of waste. To cope with this there are a range of different types of industrial wheelie bins available, all which feature to...

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  • Bunded drum pallets and bunded IBC pallets

    By Dean 25 June 2011

    Industrial sites have to keep large numbers of drums and IBCs on site for their liquid storage needs. However, to comply with current legislation, preventative measures should be put in place in case a spill occurs from a drum or an IBC. And the best way to catch any leaking fluid is in a bunded spill pallet.

    A bunded spill pallet is basically a secondary spill containment unit which is sited under the drum or IBC so if a spill occurs the liquid will be contained.

    The spill pallet is usually designed to hold 110% of the liquid in the tank above the pallet, so even...

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  • Industrial absorbent products

    By Will 23 June 2011

    There is a wide range of different absorbent products available to use in industrial environments to cope with a liquid spill. Some of these are suitable to cope with general purpose spills, whereas some are suitable for use to soak up hazardous chemicals.

    Absorbent socks

    A great way to absorb progressive leaks and spills is to use absorbent socks. Absorbent socks not only soak up the spilled fluid, they also provide a barrier so the fluid cannot reach other non-contaminated areas. Absorbent socks are available in a wide range of different lengths ...

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  • Court fines firm £150,000 after corroded tank spill contents

    By Dean 21 June 2011

    A case against a chemical company made by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has resulted in the company being fined £150,000, after they admitted releasing a huge quantity of waste solvent.

    The HSE brought the case against Solvent Resource Management Ltd after health and safety regulations were breached, which resulted in the spill.

    The accident happened after a steel tank collapsed onto a retaining wall due to excessive corrosion in the tank. This resulted in over 300 tonnes of solvent and waste water being released. When the accident happened a valve was als...

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  • Enduramaxx water tanks

    By Will 18 June 2011

    Many industrial and commercial establishments need a way to store large quantities of water to use when needed.

    Enduramaxx manufacture some of the best water storage tanks available today. Their range of products are moulded in one piece, so there are no weak vertical side seams and because they are manufactured from high density polyethylene they are strong, durable and extremely tough.

    Sump water tanks

    Sump water tanks contain an integral sump so drainage and decontamination of the tank is made simple.

    Static wa...

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  • Indoor and outdoor drip solutions

    By John 15 June 2011

    Anyone who works in industry knows that although it is should seem simple to stop leaks and drips from industrial machinery, it is commonly impossible to track and locate every drip and stop it quickly. This is why drip trays are so important to have at the ready, so if a drip from a machine is noticed, the tray can be used to collect the spilled liquid so it does not contaminate the surrounding environment.

    There are a range of different drips trays available that are suitable for use in specific applications.

    Polyethylene drip trays


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  • Dartford chemical spill warrants hazardous spill team deployment

    By Dean 13 June 2011

    A chemical spill in Dartford led to a hazardous area response team being deployed last Friday.

    Fire crews from three different stations were called to a chemical spill in Dartford last Friday the 10th of June. The spill happened at Crossways Business Park at around 7:45am when a vessel containing ammonia was spilt at the Yodel delivery depot.

    The hazardous spill response team were called to the incident by the fire crews who initially attended the scene. In all 16 people were treated for injuries due to chemical vapour inhalation, with seven treated at The Darent V...

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  • Spill training solutions

    By Dean 11 June 2011

    When a spill occurs, it has to be dealt with in a safe and efficient manner, spills that are left untreated or spills that personnel don’t adequately deal with are potential health hazards and can result in your company being prosecuted and fined. It is for this reason that all personnel who deal with hazardous liquids on a daily basis should undergo some form of spill training so they can be prepared.

    Spill training can give personnel the following benefits:

    • Spill preparation - spill training gives personnel the opportunity to see for themselves the consequ...

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