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July 2011

  • Polyethylene water tanks

    By Dean 29 July 2011

    Water storage is critical for those industrial premises or agricultural sectors who need to store water.

    Water storage tanks are available in many different types but all have to be heavy duty so are able to withstand the tough weather conditions the UK sees at all times of the year.

    Polyethylene tanks are rust free and easy to maintain, which makes them popular among farming and engineering industries.

    Horizontal water tanks

    Horizontal water tanks usually have integrated mounting points in the base of the tank so can be fixed to...

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  • Oil spill on lake in Swindon causes residents concern

    By Will 27 July 2011

    An oil spill on a lake in Swindon has caused alarm for residents after it took some time to be checked and cleaned.

    The spill, on a lake in Stratton, was noticed by residents last Tuesday when a thick layer of oil was seen floating on the surface of the water. The oil had been there for some time as it was also around the lake banks and covering the surrounding rocks and trees.

    Swindon council are responsible for the upkeep of the lake and when they received notice of the occurrence contacted the Environment Agency for advice. One resident commented that the fish i...

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  • From slim fit to forklift trucks – a selection of spill kits

    By Will 25 July 2011

    From their emergence in the market as individual spill collection devices, spill kits have now become more specialised and can now be purchased for bespoke spill solutions.

    Slim fit spill kits

    If you need to store a spill kit close to a potential spill site, a slim fit spill kit is a good choice. A slim fit spill kit contains everything you need to deal with a spill of about 20 litres of liquid. The kits come in small see through plastic bags so you can see which spill absorption solution you need. And the slim fit design enables them to be tucke...

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  • Mechanical drip solutions

    By Dean 23 July 2011

    It’s not uncommon for an old mechanical device to drip or leak a little oil, and one of the worst culprits in situations like this are old generators.

    Old generators are notoriously ‘dirty’ pieces of equipment to use, but even though they are known for drips or leaks, any liquid spills from equipment of this type needs to be captured so that it does not come into contact with the surrounding environment.

    One of the simplest ways of catching leaks or drips from a machine is to use a drip tray. A drip tray is a simple device which can sit under the machinery w...

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  • Workshop storage and containers

    By Will 21 July 2011

    Every industrial site needs to have a storage system in place, whether for storing simple things like a person’s possessions or whether for storing spare parts or equipment.

    Workshop cupboards

    Workshop cupboards are a necessity in any workplace. The cupboards can be used for a myriad of purposes including the storage of files or folders, commonly used spare parts or even a worker’s tools.

    Boltless racking

    Shelving comes in many forms, but industrial shelving has to be strong and durable and take the fr...

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  • Mobile safety steps and platforms

    By John 19 July 2011

    Health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer and the employee. Employers must make sure that the equipment they have on site is of a standard that is safe to use when needed and employees need to make sure when using equipment that it is not damaged in any way and is suitable and safe for the job which they are doing.

    Mobile safety steps are used at just about every industrial site, from providing access to change a light bulb to providing access for general maintenance tasks.

    Safety steps and platforms are available in a range of height...

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  • Kevin Costner’s oil centrifuges cost BP £10m

    By Dean 17 July 2011

    Kevin Costner is perhaps most recognised for his roles in Hollywood movies, but he is also known for developing a spill containment and collection device – a device on which BP has spent £10m in the past year.

    When the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill occurred, the company did everything in their power to try to stop the spill, they even looked at many private and personal suggestions about how to clean up the spilled oil. It’s not surprising then that a suggestion by Mr Costner got to the front of the queue.

    Mr Costner’s oil separating centrifuge devices fail...

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  • Emergency drain covers

    By Will 15 July 2011

    Drain covers should be part of any company’s spill response plan of action. The spillage of dangerous liquids poses a hazard not just to the personnel on site where the spill occurs, but also to the environment if the spilled solution should make its way into the general waste water system.

    Spill kits are an excellent way of dealing with a spill on your industrial site. But to stop the flow of the spilled liquid into a general waste drain, you’ll need something that can provide a water tight cover over the drain until the spilled liquid can be soaked up by a suitable absorb...

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  • Flood defence and protection systems

    By Will 13 July 2011

    With the weather in the UK becoming more unpredictable all the time, it’s no wonder many communities in low lying areas are making preparations against the chance of flooding.

    Just this week the Met office said there is a good chance that the UK will have its coolest summer for over two decades, and that comes just a few months after the hottest spring for 118 years.

    It can be impossible to plan for acts of God, but many communities that now live near the sea or rivers which regularly flood are now checking their own flood defences to make sure they are adequate...

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  • Shoulder bag chemical spill kits

    By Will 11 July 2011

    Spill kits comprise of many spill clean-up, containment and absorbent products, which can be used if needed to clean up a spill of a hazardous substance.

    One of the most popular spill kits currently available is an over-the-shoulder spill kit. An over-the-shoulder spill kit is a small bag which can be carried around as necessary and contains a few different spill control products.

    Included in an over-the-shoulder spill kit are things such as absorbent pillows, socks, pads, disposable gloves and a usually a sack for the disposal of the used products.

    If you us...

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