August 2011

  • Store liquid safely in IBCs

    By Dean 30 August 2011

    Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are becoming widespread throughout industry as the popular method to store liquids used in process controlled applications.

    However, IBCs need to be stored correctly and as such you need to find a way to store them which meets the current hazardous liquid storage regulations.

    Bunded IBC stores are the perfect type of spill containment device to use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Because they are bunded they can prevent spills from the IBC causing damage to the surrounding environment. As the spill is contained within th...

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  • Sack trucks and pallet trucks

    By Dean 27 August 2011

    Every industrial site has to take delivery of the products it uses safely and securely. These products usually arrive in a bulk format and have to be transported to different parts of the factory, where they can be used in different applications.

    Liquid containers and oil drums can be especially awkward to handle, as can palletised goods, which need some sort of lifting equipment to move them to their designated location.

    Pallet trucks

    Hand operated pallet trucks are a common site in any factory. They are easy to operate and easy to us...

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  • Miniature spill kits

    By John 25 August 2011

    There are a huge range of spill kits available which are suitable for just about every size and type of spill. The smallest kits are capable of dealing with a spill of just a few litres of spilled solution. However, the largest kits, which usually come in a wheelie bin container, can be capable of absorbing and hence cleaning anywhere in the region of around 1,200 litres of liquid spill.

    If you only need small spill kits on site, a mini spill kit is defiantly worth a look. Mini spill kits are capable of absorbing around 10 litres of liquid and are the perfect kit to keep in you...

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  • Spill kits for specific applications

    By John 23 August 2011

    Many sites have now realised the importance of having spill control procedures in place should a spill of any kind occur. Some sites even have spill kits available at appropriate locations to cope with a spill. However, it’s normally the case that the spill kit a site may own will only be sufficient at coping with a spill of a certain volume of liquid. For this reason, many spill kit manufacturers have now developed a range of application specific spill kits.

    Forklift truck spill kits

    Forklift truck spill kits can be fitted to any every forklift ...

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  • Workplace spill signs

    By Dean 21 August 2011

    Having the correct signage at work is essential. Signs help employees and visitors not only find their way around a site but also some signs, such as safety signs, actually give people essential information about escape routes or information on where a fire extinguisher for example may be located.

    If you use large quantities of hazardous liquids on site, you will also probably have keep spill control equipment on site too. And to use this spill control equipment employees will need information regarding its whereabouts and what types of spills it can be used on. This is when sp...

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  • Polyethylene drum funnels

    By Dean 19 August 2011

    The safe dispensing of used or excess liquids into drums needs to be done in a manner which minimises the chance of some of the liquid being spilled. This is especially crucial when pouring hazardous liquids or chemicals. The nozzle on the drum may only be a couple of inches in diameter, so pouring the contents of your pail or other liquid containing device into the drum with any degree of accuracy can be somewhat tricky.

    To solve the problem of potential spillages when pouring liquid into a drum, a drum funnel is the perfect solution. A drum funnel is a polyethylene cap which ...

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  • Chemical spill in Fife causes concern

    By Dean 17 August 2011

    Spills of hazardous substances can cause many problems, not just to the local area where the spill occurred, but when the spill gives off noxious fumes, a greater area can be impacted upon.

    A chemical spill from a plant in Fife is being monitored closely after around 10,000 litres of what is believed to be nitric acids spilled from a storage tank.

    The spill was so severe that all employees sand contractors were immediately evacuated from the area and local residents were told to close windows and doors to keep the noxious fumes from entering their homes.

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  • Spill Control - Absorbent solutions

    By Dean 15 August 2011

    Every factory or industrial site that uses hazardous chemicals needs to have a spill response procedure in place should there be a spill. Spills of hazardous or toxic substances can be extremely dangerous, so the right equipment needs to be used, and employees need to be trained in the latest spill response techniques.

    Some of the different absorbent products used to soak up spilled liquids include:

    Absorbent pads

    Absorbent pads are easy to handle and easy to use. They come in different volume soaking capacities, with chemical pads capable of...

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  • Single skinned liquid storage tanks

    By John 13 August 2011

    Many applications still use single skinned storage tanks to store heating fuel or oil. However, the oil storage regulations 2001 are quite stringent in which applications they can be used.

    Single skinned fuel storage tanks cannot be used when:

    • The tank is situated within 10 metres of a controlled water supply

    • The tank is situated within 50 metres of a bore hole, well or spring

    • The capacity of the tank needs to be in excess of 2,500 litres

    • Spillages could run into controlled waters over the ground

    There are how...

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  • Oil spill off India’s western coast

    By John 11 August 2011

    An oil spill off India’s western coast has caused concern for environmentalists. The spill happened last week when a merchant ship, the MV Rak, sank off the Mumbai coast.

    The Indian coastguard and pollution authorities are now in the middle of a clean up operation to remove the oil slick before it causes damage to the coastline.

    All crew members from the ship were rescued before it sank with India’s Navy helping local coastguards.

    A defence ministry release stated:

    "Since Saturday night, oil has been observed leaking...

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