October 2011

  • Rock salt suppliers

    By John 31 October 2011

    It’s that time of year when the weather turns and we have to dig out our winter coats from the back of the wardrobe. Some of us might have even seen a light frost on our cars or even a sprinkling of snow on the top of the hills.

    The last two years have seen unprecedented levels of snow and ice, which has brought many parts of the UK to a standstill. This brought about countless operational problems for businesses across the UK who needed to make sure they complied with current health and safety regulations.

    Considering these issues, now might be the time to think...

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  • Nitric acid spill at landfill site injures eleven

    By John 28 October 2011

    A spilled nitric acid container resulted in injuries to nine workers and two paramedics after they were exposed at a landfill site.

    The eleven injured people were taken to a hospital in Dunfermline in Scotland by a team of ambulances after they were exposed to the fumes at Lochhead landfill site in Fife.

    Most of those who were exposed were released after being checked over while one person had to stay overnight whilst their condition was monitored.

    A specialist spill operations team was sent to the site which was closed for four hours while investigati...

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  • Factory storage solutions

    By Will 25 October 2011

    There is often many different types of storage at industrial sites. There is storage for spare parts and stock, storage for liquid containers and drums and storage for worker’s tools and equipment. To facilitate the need of industrial environments there are a range of different storage solutions available to purchase.

    Racking and shelving

    Steel racking and shelving is a great way to store spare items and replacement items. Items waiting for shipment or delivery can also be stored easily on steel shelving. Steel shelving comes in different sizes a...

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  • Large drip trays

    By Will 23 October 2011

    Drip trays are used in just about every industrial environment to collect the drips and leaks from equipment on site. Drip trays can also be used as a place to position and store liquid containers whilst they are being used to collect drips, which may otherwise run down the sides of the containers whilst they are being used.

    Drip trays for work surfaces

    Those people who work with liquids on a daily basis will need some form of drip tray positioned on their work surface to catch the drips that are an everyday part of their job. The tray can be a sui...

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  • The benefits of mini spill kits

    By John 21 October 2011

    There are a range of different spill kits available to suit different types of spills and different sizes of spills. Where some spill kits are good at cleaning up general non-hazardous liquid spills, others are designed to cope with spills of a fuel or chemical foundation. There are also some spill kits which are suitable to use to clean up large liquid spills, whereas others only have a small liquid absorbing capacity and can only soak up a few litres of spilled liquid.

    The type of spill kits you have on site will be based upon the potential for different liquid spills. You mi...

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  • Mobile safety ladders and steps

    By Will 19 October 2011

    Working from height is a necessity in many industrial environments. Whether you are an electrician changing fluorescent tubes or are a stores person who needs to access the upper levels of storage racks, you need a set of steps which are robust, easy to use and easy to fold away.

    There are a range of different access solutions when working from height. Some of these include:

    Scaffold towers and podiums

    Scaffold towers are a good working from height solution when you have a large amount of work to do in one location. They are easy to er...

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  • New Zealand oil spill continues

    By Will 18 October 2011

    New Zealand’s worst environmental disaster in decades is still some way from being resolved, after the stricken Rena container ship still continues to threaten to spill some 1,000 tonnes of oil currently contained within her fuel tanks.

    The ship has been beached on the Astrolobe reef for over two weeks and is now severely listing to one side. If the ship tilts any further up it may shred more of its load or even fall off the reef and break up completely.

    The ship is said to have already spilled around 350 tonnes of oil into the sea off the coast but there are 1,000 tonn...

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  • Shoulder bag spill kits

    By Dean 16 October 2011

    Many factories use spill kits because they provide an excellent spill response solution when a spill occurs. They are normally located at strategic positions around the factory site so they are quickly accessible if needed. However, there is still a need for mobile spill kits which can be easily carried to the site of a spill.

    Shoulder bag spill kits are the perfect spill kit solution. The bags contain everything you need to cope with a spill and are designed to be worn over the shoulder, making transporting them really easy.

    Spill kits can be purchased with spill ...

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  • Bench and wall mounted spill kits

    By John 14 October 2011

    Every manufacturing site is aware of the problems associated with hazardous liquid spills.

    Most sites carry out risk assessments to assess the potential for a spill and to highlight necessary precautions which need to be taken. Because of this more and more manufacturing employees around the UK have now had some sort of spill awareness or training. But it shouldn’t stop there. Continued awareness about new spill products and solutions is also essential, which is why refresher training in these areas is always imperative.

    Those sites which are well versed with t...

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  • Steel bunded IBC stores

    By John 12 October 2011

    With intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) now becoming the preferred way to store liquids at an industrial site, there becomes a need to store these containers properly.

    IBCs are popular because they offer a liquid storage option which is easy to use, easy to move and comes in a size which means refilling of smaller containers does not have to happen. However, because of this it’s easy to see why some companies don’t focus on storing them properly and leave them scattered around the plant.

    If the IBCs you have on site pose a risk to the surrounding environment,...

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