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January 2012

  • Magnetic soap may help clean up oil spills

    By Dean 31 January 2012

    Chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie has just reported details of a soap that responds to magnetism. An international team has been working on the new soap, which when dissolves can be removed using a magnetic field. With further development the product could find extensive use in applications such as the cleaning up of oil spills.

    The soap contains iron atoms, which are easily removed by magnetism. This means that anything dissolved by the soap will also have these iron particles attached. In essence the scientists have found a way to add the iron atoms into the molecules so t...

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  • Disinfectant mats

    By Dean 30 January 2012

    Disinfectant mats are commonly used at many industrial and agricultural sites to make sure the soles of a person’s feet are disinfected before entering a quarantined area. They work by having a disinfectant fluid in the mat which is applied this to the soles when a person walks across the mat.

    Being easy to transport between areas on site or between venues makes disinfectant mats an excellent idea at auction houses or when administering animal foot care products. There is also no need to dig a pit to sink the mat as the mat simply fits over a flat surface and the disinfectan...

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  • Workshop plunger cans and bench cans

    By Will 28 January 2012

    There are countless types of liquids used every day at an industrial site and whilst some of these liquids may be harmless others may need more stringent controls to enable their safe usage.

    If a person at site is frequently using small quantities of these liquids at any given time, one of the best ways to store the liquid is to use a safety dispending can. Safety dispensing cans are small liquid containing devices which hold and dispense the liquid safely each time it needs to be used.

    Bench liquid cans

    Liquid dispensing bench cans us...

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  • Tanker leaks 3,000 litres of herbicide into ditch

    By John 27 January 2012

    A crop spraying tanker was punctured whilst in transit earlier this week, spilling around 3,000 litres of herbicide into the surrounding environment.

    The incident, in Compton, Newbury, warranted an environmental spill response team from the Environment Agency attending the spill site to assess the damage. When the sprayer had been punctured the liquid leaked onto the road and then flowed into a nearby ditch threatening the nearby River Pang.

    A spokeswoman from the Environment Agency confirmed:

    "We received a call this morning ...
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  • Spill booms

    By Will 26 January 2012

    One of the most useful spill containment and collection devices when dealing with spills on open water is the absorbent boom. Absorbent booms and containment booms can collect spilled oil and stop it reaching protected areas. These types of booms can also be connected together to form a barrier of unlimited length.

    Spill containment booms

    Spill containment booms can be used in an emergency spill situation on land or in water. They may not be able to absorb the spilled substance but they can stop the spilled substance reaching unaffected areas. Some...

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  • Workplace de-icing equipment

    By John 24 January 2012

    This year, most of the UK has not yet seen the harsh weather conditions witnessed over the last two years. However, it is not yet February and it is not uncommon for hazardous conditions to strike over the coming months.

    When a cold snap takes hold, snow and ice can make working conditions hazardous for those who have to work in an outdoor environment. And if not dealt with hazards such as snow and ice can cause serious problems for the workforce.

    All employees should be provided with a safe environment in which to work, but ice and snow can compromise this safety...

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  • The importance or a regular spill kit audit

    By Will 23 January 2012

    Many sites now realise the importance of having spill kits located around the site to deal with emergency spill situations. However, some of these sites don’t realise the importance of conducting a regular audit of their spill kits to check the contents are complete.

    Most sites will have a supply of absorbent materials which can be used on a day-to-day basis by operators and maintenance staff. These absorbents can be pads, wipes or rolls of material which can be used to wipe up drips or spills during maintenance activities. The spill kits at these sites should thus be left to...

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  • Bespoke spill kit solutions

    By John 20 January 2012

    Spill kits started life in a general format in which the kits available could be used on a variety of different spills. Over time it was recognised that specific kits for bespoke spill solutions were needed, hence the emergence in the market place of kits that can cope with different types of spills. Some spill kits are even produced with their direct aim of cleaning a spill from a certain machine or process.

    Mini spill kits

    In many spill situations at an industrial site there will only be a small amount of hazardous liquid spilled. In these instan...

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  • Adequate de-icing equipment is essential at every business premises

    By Dean 19 January 2012

    Many sites now realise the importance to being prepared if a spill of a hazardous waste product were to occur. But when the weather gets colder and conditions turn icy, new challenges concerning effective spill containment and control have to be met.

    When the winter is at its worst, freezing temperatures can cause hazardous conditions at untreated areas, such as loading bays or outside storage bays. This can have a detrimental effect on health and safety at site, so in many instances extra maintenance measures will have to be put into place so that employees and equipment stay ...

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  • Chemical spill in West Lothian minimised thanks to spill response plan

    By John 17 January 2012

    Twenty three people were treated for minor injuries in Livingston after a chemical spill in the warehouse where they work. Most were discharged on the same evening, but some were admitted for further assessments.

    The chemical spill happened at a Palletways freight distribution centre, when a small amount of denatonium benzoate was spilled, after a pallet was damaged by a forklift truck as it was being unloaded. Fire crews were called to the incident after staff started to feel unwell. Fire fighters wearing chemical suits sealed off the plant until the spill was identified and c...

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