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December 2012

  • Will second time be a charm for Shell's "Containment Dome"?

    By nathan 21 December 2012

    Back in September we reported that Shell had suffered a major setback in their plans for exploratory drilling in the Arctic after a key component in their spill response arsenal, the â...

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  • Environment Agency prevents "major environmental disaster".

    By nathan 17 December 2012

    The Environment Agency was called upon last Thursday and Friday to contain a potential spill of 4,000 litres of petrol that had been endangering spawning salmon in the River Tiddy in Cornwall.

    The petrol tanker was being towed on Thursday night when it overturned giving rise to a situation...

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  • Bins are a "wheel" issue for Councillors

    By nathan 7 December 2012

    Local authorities in the UK have in recent weeks been digesting the awards of the government’s Weekly Collection Support Scheme.

    Councils from Gravesham in Kent to Birmingham City have received grants to help provide more efficient refuse collection services and increas...

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  • How to Protect Your Tank from Fuel Theft

    By nathan 3 December 2012

    Green Oil Tank

    Tayside Police have today issued a warning for people to be on their guard after thieves stole 1,000 litres of fuel from the Ballumbie golf club in Dundee. Police are also investigating the theft of fuel from a lorry parked in Dryburgh Industrial ...

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