Bunded Fuel Tanks

  • Fines handed out over river pollution - A case study in spill containment

    By nathan 7 June 2013

    A tributary of the Bottesford Beck polluted with dieselIn the last two weeks three separate companies and institutions have been prosecuted by the Environment Agency for committing pollution offences that resulted in three rivers becoming contaminated. This article w...

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  • Why choose a bunded fuel tank?

    By nathan 29 August 2012

    Steel Bunded Fuel Tank Steel Bunded Fuel Tank

    If you are considering storing fuel on either a domestic or commercial property then you will need to be aware of the current legal restrictions that are in situ. To be compliant with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 any storage of fuel that exceed...

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  • Maintain a safe site with a Bunded Storage faciltity

    By nathan 24 July 2012

    Bunded 64 Drum Store A Bunded 64 Drum Store

    Earlier this year our team of experienced professionals was assigned the task of carrying out a Spill Site assessment at a large chemical storage plant. What they recommended was that the site was in desperate need of some

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  • Bunded tank refurbishment

    By John 22 February 2012

    It may not always have to be the case that an existing fuel tank on site will have to be replaced when it seems to have got to the end of its usable life. Fuel tanks can now be refurbished and bunds repaired so that the expense of buying and installing a new tank is completely removed.

    If it is impossible to remove a fuel tank due to prior installations around the tank area you may have little option but to opt for bund lining. And in many cases installing a new bund liner is far more cost-effective than investing in a replacement tank.

    New bund lining procedures u...

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  • Basic oil storage tank features

    By Will 10 February 2012

    Oil storage tanks are frequently used at industrial and commercial establishments. They are also however used in some domestic and agricultural establishments to provide a storage facility for heating oil.

    What type of oil tank do I need?

    There are a wide range of oil tanks currently available, with many bespoke solutions suitable for specific applications. However, the main point to consider when buying an oil storage tank is whether it will need to have a bund.

    In some situations, as dictated by the Oil Storage Regulations 2001, som...

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  • Storing fuel in a bunded tank

    By Dean 5 February 2012

    To store any fuels or oil at an industrial site the site owners need to follow stringent rules so as to avoid the spillage of these substances into the surrounding environment.

    Following the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 can help sites make arrangement for what they need to do to comply with the current law, with the one main prerequisite that they use some sort of bunded storage tank to store their liquids in.

    A bunded storage tank contains a bund or a second skin which will collect any of the stored liquid should the primary containment vessel fail. This means th...

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  • Using bunded IBCs to store liquid safely

    By Will 1 February 2012

    One of the safest ways to store any type of liquid at an industrial site is in an Intermediate Bulk Contrainer (IBC). IBCs can be transported around site and can be fitted with filling nozzles and discharge pumps so that the liquid can be used from them when needed, making them a popular choice.

    Due to the fact that IBCs are easy to transport it makes the likelihood of a spill from them a little greater than a fixed liquid storage tank. Because of this, bunded IBC stores are commonly used in tandem with the containment device. Bunded IBC stores prevent damage to the surrounding...

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  • Choosing a bunded fuel tank

    By John 20 December 2011

    If you need to store or dispense diesel at your industrial site, you’ll need a bunded diesel tank to store the hazardous fuel. There’s a range of different bunded tanks available, suitable for storing fuel such as diesel. So no matter what space you have or what size tank you need, you should be able to find something to suit.

    Bunded tanks are the perfect way to store and dispense any type of liquid fuel. The bund in the tank is capable of holding around 110% of the full tank capacity, so if the inner tank fails, all the liquid will seep into the bund so will not affect th...

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  • Bunded fuel tanks and bunded storage

    By Will 11 December 2011

    Liquid storage containers come in many different types. However, to comply with current legislation many have to be bunded, so have a secondary containment area where any spilled liquid from the primary containment tank can be collected so as not to affect the environment.

    Bunded fuel tanks

    To comply with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001, in certain applications fuel tanks should be bunded, so any liquid spilled from the inner tank can be contained. The bund on a fuel tank is usually around 110% the size of the inner tank so all the spilled content...

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  • Bespoke Bunded Tanks (example)

    By nathan 5 December 2011

    At Yellow Shield we are able to quote on bespoke bunded tank designs and can provide technical drawings on request. All of our tanks are fully customizable with a large range of options, accessories and sizes enabling you to configure to your own specific requirements.

    This oil tank was designed to incorporate a 4 branch manifold on the outlet to enable connection t0 4 separate systems in a large ‘farm type’ house.

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