Product Announcements

  • Yellow Shield launches most absorbent range ever

    By Gary 29 October 2013

    Yellow Shield are pleased to announce the launch of our best ever range of absorbent products that provide even greater quality and unsurpassed value for money.

    We have developed our already comprehensive range of absorbents and have created both an Economy range and Premium range to meet all spill control requirements no matter what type of industry you are involved in. The dual range is intended to allow you to purchase an absorbent that is specific to your requirement and delivers real value for money.

    Economy ran...

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  • Offer on Red 360 Litre Wheelie Bins

    By nathan 4 July 2012

    At Yellow Shield, whenever we make significant savings on a certain product, then we are always more than happy to pass these savings on to customers. That's why for one week only, we are offering a 12.5% discount on our stock of Red

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  • New Spilkleen Super Plus 6kg

    By nathan 25 June 2012

    Spilkleen Super Plus Spilkleen Super Plus


    More often than not, absorbent granule products can have many undesirable qualities, namely an off-putting odour and all too messy dust particles that arise from using such a product. So at Yellow Shield, we have been looking to introduce a superi...

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  • Battereezy HT

    By nathan 25 June 2012

    Battereezy HT Battereezy HT


    According to the Health and Safety Executive, sulphuric acid is the most widely used acid within the industrial sector in the UK. All warehouses in the UK and abroad, as well as many Port Authorites and airports, will use some kind of lead battery or ele...

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  • New Compact 75 Litre Wheelie Bins

    By nathan 18 June 2012

    All wheelie bins sold within the UK of volumes 60 Litres or higher tend to be at least 850mm in height. Although this is not a detrimental feature of these standard wheelie bins what it does not permit is for the user to be able to store their waste to their own convenience. If there was a wheelie bin that was compact enough to conceal underneath workbenches or a desk then a myriad of storage choices would become available.



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  • New 80 Litre Wheelie Bin Spill Kits from Yellow Shield

    By nathan 23 May 2012

    This month Yellow Shield are proud to offer a new line of intermediary 80 Litre Wheelie Bin Spill Kits for General Purpose, Oil Only and Chemical use, that are designed for maximum mobility and convenience. And for a limited time only you can SAVE 20% on the General Purpose and Oil Only spill kits.

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