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  • Court Rules on Spain's Worst Environmental Disaster

    By Gary 13 November 2013

    Prestige Oil Tanker

    The three men on trial in Spain for the country’s worst environmental disaster have today been acquitted by a Spanish court. The three accused men, Apostolos Mangouras, the tankers chief engineer Nikolaos Argyropoulos and Jose Luis Lopez-Sors, the serving head of the Spanish Merchant Navy at the time of the incident, were all facing up to 12 years imprisonement but were found not guilty of any criminal responsibility in the sinking.


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  • Shell Chief Financial Officer describes future Arctic explorations as “High Risk”

    By Gary 5 November 2013

    Shell Kulluk Rig

    Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced last week that it plans to apply for permits to explore for oil in the Chukchi Sea’s off Alaska in 2014. The oil multinational was beset by both equipment and weather problems in 2012 when exploring the Arctic, but they remain undeterred in their plans to drill for the estimated 12 billion barrels of recoverable oil that lay beneath the depths of the Chukchi Sea.

    Shell’s Chief Financial Officer Simon Henry...

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  • The advantages of different types of degreasing agents

    By nathan 12 August 2013

    Oil stains can be cleaned using floor degreasersSpill kits are an efficient and exceptionally effective method of cleaning up spills in any scenario. There is a spill kit available for any type of spilled liquid, whether that is oil, chemical or general spills, which can contain and clean up the spill. Th...

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  • Choosing the correct spill kit for your site

    By nathan 26 July 2013

    120 Litre Oil Only Spill Kit


    In recent years the increase in environmental and health and safety regulations has meant the internet is now awash with a wide range of

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  • Fines handed out over river pollution - A case study in spill containment

    By nathan 7 June 2013

    A tributary of the Bottesford Beck polluted with dieselIn the last two weeks three separate companies and institutions have been prosecuted by the Environment Agency for committing pollution offences that resulted in three rivers becoming contaminated. This article w...

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  • 10 Key Factors in Effective Spill Control

    By nathan 14 May 2013

    Spill Control

    Spills of oils, fuels, chemicals and many other industrial fluids are an inevitable occurrence across warehouses and workplaces in the UK. However, the long-term effects of any spill will be largely determined by the preparedness of the first responders to the spill. Here a...

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  • The Future of Oil Spill Remediation?

    By nathan 23 April 2013

    Exxon Valdez Spill

    Since the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill chemical dispersants have been the staple of oil remediation and were used widely in the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill in 2010. Their use has now come under scrutiny amid growing concerns over the toxicity of Corexit, a...

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  • Specialist spill kits for emergency uses

    By nathan 24 September 2012

    Alongside our range of General Purpose spill kits, Oil Only spill kits and Chemical spill kits, we also provide a range of Specialist spill kits that are designed to contain and neutralise spills that are more hazardous and consequently require a more cautious approach.

    Body Fluid spill kit

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  • Spill kit types and uses

    By Will 29 February 2012

    Every industrial site need to assess the potential for spillages of hazardous liquids and then make provision for their successful clean-up. And the best way to clean up any spill is to use a specific type of spill kit.

    Spill kits are available in many different types including:

    General purpose spill kits

    One of the most versatile spill kits currently available is the general purpose spill kit. Although not dedicated to any specific type of spill, these spill kits are the perfect type of kit to keep at the ready should a liquid spill occur.

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  • What spill kits do I need for my site?

    By Will 8 February 2012

    If you take a look online you’ll be able to rind a wide range of spill kits suitable for just about any type of application in a wide range of absorption capacities. However, if you are choosing spill kits for a specific application you may need some advice from a spill kit specialist before you purchase any type of kit.

    Before you decide on a spill kit you need to ask yourself where the spills are most likely to happen on your site. You can then assess the potential volume of liquid and the type of liquid which may be spilled and thus have an idea about the type of spill kit...

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