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  • 10 Top Tips on Best Practice in Using Wheelie Bins for Waste Disposal:

    By nathan 29 May 2013

    By sticking to a few common sense rules when managing wheelie bins on your premises will aid you in keeping your waste disposal legal, efficient and will allow you to better avoid water, air or soil pollution. Following basic protocols will enable you to determine if your waste is municipal solid waste from everyday consumption or if it requires any special treatment.

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  • Councils set to renege on weekly wheelie bin collections

    By nathan 13 February 2013

    A couple of month’s back we reported on the result of the government’s Weekly Collection Support Scheme. Local authorities were invited to apply for grants in February 2012 and around 85 local councils were awarded a share of the £250 million fund in late 2012. The initiative behind the scheme was to enab...

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  • Yellowshield: Low cost, high quality wheelie bins and great discounts!

    By nathan 17 January 2013

    Wheelie Bin Liner

    We’re always trying to find new ways to offer our customers a better deal at Yellowshield, so this week we’ve decided to offer an indefinite £5.50 discount when buying either of our

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  • Bins are a "wheel" issue for Councillors

    By nathan 7 December 2012

    Local authorities in the UK have in recent weeks been digesting the awards of the government’s Weekly Collection Support Scheme.

    Councils from Gravesham in Kent to Birmingham City have received grants to help provide more efficient refuse collection services and increas...

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  • Used wheelie bins now on sale at Yellowshield

    By nathan 28 August 2012

    140 litre wheelie bin dark grey

    This month at Yellowshield we have extended our product range to now include pre-owned wheelie bins alongside our existing range of virgin wheelie bins.  After being ...

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  • Offer on Red 360 Litre Wheelie Bins

    By nathan 4 July 2012

    At Yellow Shield, whenever we make significant savings on a certain product, then we are always more than happy to pass these savings on to customers. That's why for one week only, we are offering a 12.5% discount on our stock of Red

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  • Ask Yellow Shield: 10 tips on best practice in the use of wheelie bins for waste disposal

    By nathan 2 November 2011

    Following a few simple rules of good practice in managing your wheelie bins will help you keep your waste disposal legal, convenient and will avoid water pollution. Simple guidelines allow you to check if your waste is general municipal waste or needs any special treatment.

    Wheelie bins used for general waste can give rise to offensive odours, fly nuisance and general hygiene problems. You can minimise such hygiene problems by following some simple rules in cleaning your wheelie bins.

    1. Assess whether your waste is gene...
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  • Industrial wheelie bins solutions

    By John 5 August 2011

    It’s important that every industrial site takes the collection of waste seriously. Recycling is everyone’s responsibility, right from domestic establishments up to the largest factories. And to achieve a good recycling performance, people have to be educated on what is and what isn’t recyclable.

    Most people at home now have a number of different coloured bins in which they dispose of general waste, paper waste, glass or plastic bottles and even food waste or garden waste. Unfortunately industry is slow to catch on to this trend and many sites still dispose of all their w...

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  • Industrial bins and wheelie bins

    By Will 27 June 2011

    Many domestic premises now have a range of wheelie bins for their household waste. There is usually a general waste bin, a garden waste bin, a bottle and plastics bin and a bin for paper and card. The different bins are easily recognisable as they use specific colours for different types of waste.

    On an industrial scale, the waste from factories is treated in a similar way, except usually to a much larger degree and there is usually lots of different types of waste. To cope with this there are a range of different types of industrial wheelie bins available, all which feature to...

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  • Wheelie bins at home and in industry

    By Dean 11 March 2011

    Many people take for granted the humble wheelie bin they use on a daily basis to dispose their general household waste. However, on a larger scale, wheelie bins are an important commodity for those who work at industrial sites. And you might have already guessed that they also come in sizes a lot bigger than we are commonly used to.

    Most of us have 240 litre wheelie bins at home. We use them for our general waste and for our recyclable bottles and waste paper. Their design means that they can be moved quite easily and toughened lip means they can be picked up by the refuse coll...

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