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Heating oil tank owners urged to check for leaks

By John 27 November 2010

As the chilly winter days set in, users of heating oil are being asked to check their oil tanks for leaks by Wessex Water.

Users of heating oil have a responsibility to check their heating oil tanks for points where oil can escape. And it’s usually at this time of year, when the tanks are filled ahead of the winter season, that most homeowners notice they have a problem.

However, the spillage of heating oil can have detrimental effects on the environment, not to mention the pocket of the homeowner who has lost the oil.

Wessex Water’s operation Streamclean pollution spokesperson Larry Spiers has commented that a user’s heating oil supply can be lost in a matter of days as a result of a spill.

He stated:

"Not only does this have serious environmental implications, it can also put a financial strain on those who will have to replace the lost oil in order to heat their homes,"

He also stated that if homeowners are unsure about the condition of their tank or whether they have a leak, they should consult a qualified engineer.

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