YellowShield Legislation and Regulations


All industrial, commercial or institutional sites who are storing oil in either 205 litre drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBC's) or fixed tanks must comply with the following regulations:

ADR and ADR Approval

ADR approval required for vehicles and containers which transport over 3,000 cubic metres of dangerous or hazardous liquids, as well as IBCs which contain no more than 3,000 litres of dangerous or hazardous liquids. To read more click here: ADR and ADR Approval for Vehicles and IBCs.

Environment Agency Guidelines

The Environment Agency is working with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Environment and Heritage Service in Northern Ireland, to produce of a range of Pollution Prevention Guidance Notes (PPGs). Each PPG is targeted at a particular industrial sector or activity and gives advice on the law and good environmental practice.

Some useful PPG's can be accessed here:

  • PPG 2 Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks.
    To help you prevent pollution from above ground oil storage tanks and comply with the law (excludes oil refineries and distribution depots). This version was produced in Feb 2004. The PPG will be updated to include The Water Environment (Oil Storage)(Scotland) Regs 2006, available early 2007.

The Environment Agency also offers 10 point guidelines for is your site right?