Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing high demands for some of our product lines. Whilst we are making every effort to ensure deliveries are made within our normal time frame you may, in some instances, experience slight delays. Please note, Next Day Delivery service cannot be guaranteed at this time.

Custom Made Bunded Tanks

  • Bunded Tanks from Yellow Shield

Looking for a Bespoke Steel Bunded Fuel Tank

We can engineer steel bunded fuel tanks to any shape, size or specification up to 120,000 litres. If you are restricted by limited space, you can tailor the tank to your own design to suit your requirements and we will gladly quote on any specification of tank.

Below you will find all the variable features of a steel bunded fuel tank, so be your own engineer and start creating your custom made bunded tank. Once you have decided on what you need give us a call on 0845 450 0556 to place your order today.

Add "Anti-Theft" features

For added tank security we have now developed some "anti-theft" features that can help deter and counteract fuel theft

  • Double locking roller shutter doors for increased security - These doors cannot be forced open like hinged doors
  • Lockable pipe work cabinet
  • Anti-lift feet to prevent tank theft by forklift
  • Removable lifting eyes
Customisable Pump Options

There are four types of pump available;

  • Motorised - Fast Flow Honda 4 stroke pump delivering 120 litres p/min
  • Mains Electrical - 70 MC Fuel Management Pump (only grants access to authorised users)
  •                                 -240 volt pump, 60 litres p/min with Flow Metre
  • Battery Powered - 12/24v pumps, 50 litres p/min with Flow Metre
  • Manual - Fast Flow pump, 70 litres p/min with Flow Metre

All pumps are supplied with a standard 4m fuel hose and an auto - nozzle, apart from the hand pump which is supplied with a manual trigger nozzle

Customisable Alarm Options

There are three types of Bund Alarm available;

  • Mains electrical 240v Bund Alarm
  • Economy Battery Bund Alarm
  • All encompassing 9v Battery Bund, Overfill and Low Level Alarm

There are two types of Overfill/Under Fill Alarm available;

  • Battery operated Overfill/ Under Fill Alarm
  • 240v Mains Fill Alarm


Customisable Cabinet Options

We have a large selection of cabinets available, ranging from small fill cabinets to full end cabinets with roller shutter doors for easy access. Side Cabinets can also be requested if layout space is of particular concern. Side cabinets can increase the width of the tank to 4 metres so it is worth bearing this in mind when considering delivery and any potential site access issues

Roller Shutter Doors can be manufactured on tanks only 2,500 litres or larger

Type of Cabinet Width Depth Height
Small Steel Fill Cab. with Hinged Door 650mm 500mm 650mm
Small Cab. with Steel Hinged Door 1250mm 500mm 1500mm
Small Cab. with Roller Shutter Door (RSD) 1250mm 500mm 1500mm
Medium Cab. with RSD - Cabinet Size 1500mm 1000mm 1950mm
Medium Cab. with RSD - Door Size 1925mm N/A 1950mm
Large Cab. with RSD - Cabinet Size 2200mm 1000mm 2500mm
Large Cab. with RSD - Door Size 2000mm N/A 2000mm
Double Cab. with RSD - Cabinet Size 2700mm 1000mm 2500mm
Double Cab. with RSD - Door Size 2500mm N/A 2000mm
Full End Cab. with RSD 10-15,000L - Cab. Size 2000mm 1000mm 2000mm
Full End Cab. with RSD 10-15,000L - Door Size 1450mm N/A 1700mm
Full End Cab. with RSD 18-30,000L - Cab. Size 2500mm 1000mm 2500mm
Full End Cab. with RSD 18-30,000L - Door Size 2000mm N/A 2000mm
Full End Cab. with RSD 35,000L+ - Cab. Size 3000mm 1000mm 3000mm
Full End Cab. with RSD 35,000L+ - Door Size 2000mm N/A 2000mm
Customisable Manhole Access Options

We provide 600mm2 manhole hatches as standard on all tanks that are 18,000 litres plus in size. If you would like to custom fit one to a smaller sized tank then this can be arranged at extra cost.

Pipe Fittings

All fill and suction points can be positioned on the tank where required in order to facilitate accessibilty

Handrails and Ladders

Handrails and Ladders can be fitted to larger tanks to provide easy access to the tanks features via the scaffolding tower.


Lights can be fitted to the tanks both internally and externally to create safer working conditions or to serve as an added security feature