Bund Lining

Bund Lining

Find out if you could save money by taking our FREE Bund Survey!

If you're thinking about replacing your existing tank and bund arrangement with a free standing, self bunded tank, why not take advantage of our Free bund survey to find out if your existing bund could be serviced, repaired and relined... which could be a more cost effective and economical solution.

Bunds can be refurbished...

Bund relining can be a more economical alternative to purchasing a new tank/bund. It can also be useful in situations where there is limited access to replace an existing tank/bund. In many cases it can be easier and therefore more cost effective to 'refurbish' rather than pay for the manufacture, delivery and installation of a new product.

As well as being a leading supplier of steel and plastic self bunded tanks, we also provide a professional bund relining service:

  • The survey assesses both the condition and suitability of fixed concrete and masonry bunds
  • It may be possible to upgrade your bunds to ensure compliance with current regulation and legislation through the application of a seamless, durable GRP lining system
  • Decommissioning bunds can be both costly, time consuming and impractical
  • Peace of mind as your bund will be brought up to a standard that complies with legislation

Let our experts help you to find the right solution to your bulk storage requirements.

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