Bunded Tank Repair

Bunded Tank Repair

Leaking and corroded tanks can cause damage to the environment and to the health and safety of personnel, and in turn will affect company profitability. If this problem is not addressed promptly there will be a time when you find it necessary to purchase a new tank, thus incurring the cost of re-piping and removal / disposal of your old tank, this is all unnecessary expenditure.

Tank Repair & Refurbishment Specialists

If you have your tank refurbished you could save up to 80% of the above replacement costs.

Our tank repair and refurbishment service offers on site solutions for leaking, corroded and damaged tanks. We utilise a wide range of materials to suit your storage specifications including GRP, epoxies, urethanes and sheet plastics to name but a few.

Our Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) System consists of:

  • A primer coat of specified resin
  • One or two layers of chopped strand mat
  • Chemical resistant tissue veil
  • Resin wash coating
  • Final top coat

Please see our The benefits of GRP pdf for more information. 

The lining systems will be completely seamless, tough and durable and will be designed to meet your containment needs including comestibles, being FDA and USDA approved; and potable liquids, being WRC, DWI and WRAS approved. As well as containing aggressive chemicals.

We understand that down time costs money. We are always prepared to work with our customers to ensure that down time is kept to a minimum.

Whatever your containment needs, we can provide a solution to meet your requirements.

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