Spill Risk Site Assessment

Spill Risk Site Assessment

Free Site Assessment for Spill Risks

Yellow Shield offer a professional Site Assesment into the risk of liquid spillage by a team of experienced professionals.

The key aims of the assessment are to:

  • Look at all aspects of spillage response on site including typical liquid types and quantities.
  • Determine how liquids are handled and stored, particularly the condition and suitability of secondary containment systems or fixed bunds.
  • Identify potential routes for the escape of liquids from site.
  • Identify potential spill hazards
  • Audit current spillage response equipment & procedures
  • Identify any shortcomings or non-compliance with current statutory regulations / legislation.

A written report will be provided following our visit which will include recommendations for proposed additions or sensible improvements.

If you require any further information please contact our help desk on (0845) 450 0556

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