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Drip Trays

  • Drip Trays from Yellow Shield

Looking for Effective Drip Trays?
Our comprehensive range of Drip trays or Spill trays effectively catch and contain leaks, drips and spills, keeping your immediate environment or workplace safe, clean and hazard free. The drip tray or spill trays are suitable for the storage and containment of small drums, cans and other environmentally hazardous fluids.

A Size for all Applications

Manufactured from tough polyethylene they are available in a range of capacities (8 litres – 230 litres), shapes and sizes. They ideal for placing underneath machinery and vehicles and can be applied in garages, workshops and factories. Please see our product range for individual specifications.

High Quality Products with Free Delivery

All our Drip Trays are manufactured to the highest standard and are available with free delivery. If you have any queries regarding your Drip Tray requirements then contact our expert sales team who will gladly assist in finding the right product.

Call us today on 0845 450 0556 for further information and to discuss your requirements.

Looking for a Drip Tray that Doesn't Fill Up with Water?

The Plant Nappy is a containment system that does just that, it catches drips and leaks but allows rainwater to filter through.

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