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Bunded Work Floors

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What is a Bunded Work Floor?

Bunded work floors are a secondary containment system that is designed for the safe and effective containment of drums for internal working environments. Thanks to their low profile design the bunded work floor can be conveniently stowed in the corner of a hectic workshop, or, they can be connected to form a larger storage area.

Available in Two Types and Fully Compliant with all Regulations

We sell both the low profile polyethylene bunded containment work surfaces and the highly specialised steel sump flooring. The robust polyethylene work floors have a removable grid and being lightweight allows the user to comfortably manoeuvre them to where they are required. We offer a complete package for bunded work floors including work floor ramps and work floor connectors.

High Quality Products with Free Delivery

At Yellow Shield we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. If you have any questions regarding your bunded work floor requirements then please contact our team of experts who will gladly assist you in finding the right product.

Call us today on 0845 450 0556 for further information and to discuss your requirements.

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