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Absorbent Granules for Oil, Fuel and General Spills

Our Absorbent Granules range is one of our most cost effective absorbent types and is designed specifically for the fast and efficient absorption of oil, fuel, most chemical and general spills. Three types of granule available

We have three types available for dealing with a variety of spills; heavyweight clay based granules are ideal for outside applications, Spilkleen Plus and Spilkleen Superplus are used to tackle indoor spillages especially around the workplace and  non-flammable sawdust granules made from 100% recycled materials.

We are leading suppliers of absorbent granules

We are the leading suppliers of absorbent granules in the UK and can therefore offer you great discounts when buying in bulk. All of our granules are tested to BS 7959 (2004) and are visually inspected by a thorough quality check.

Bulk Discounts of up to 45% off per pallet!

Buy either a ¼ pallet, ½ pallet or a full pallet and receive huge discounts of up to 45% helping you or your business cut costs even further.

Free Samples on Request...

If you require free samples of any of our absorbent granules or have any further questions then please call our help desk on (0845) 450 0556 and we will be happy to help.

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