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Absorbent Socks for General, Chemical and Oil Spills

Our Absorbent Socks are a great way to prevent spillages and quickly to reduce the spread of general, oil and chemical spills as its unique shape can be used as a defensive barrier.

Contain and Absorb Spills & Leaks Effectively

The Absorbent Socks can be strategically placed during a spill control situation to ensure that spills and leaks are treated and contained efficiently, helping to maintain the health and safety of operatives in the workplace and the environment. Our Absorbent Socks are available in a variety of sizes, lengths and types.

Premium or Economy?

Our Premium General Purpose Absorbent Socks are manufactured with an expandable knitted outer for increased absorbency, enhanced strength, liquid retention and durability.

The Economy General Purpose Absorbent Socks are designed with a spun bonded outer layer that increases material strength and allows for better retention of absorbed liquids.

Free Delivery & Discounts on Bulk Buy Purchases

All our absorbent socks qualify for free delivery throughout the UK mainland. Buy in bulk (multiple purchases) and receive huge discounts to help you or your business cut costs even further.

We believe we have the lowest priced absorbents on the internet. If you find the equivalent absorbent product or products cheaper call us today on (0845) 450 0556 and we will price match.