• Booms from Yellow Shield

High Quality Absorbent and Containment Booms for Small and Large Scale Spills

Our Oil Absorbent Booms are highly retentive, hydrophobic absorbents (absorbs oil whilst repelling water), which are widely used in the cleanup of both small and large scale spills and leaks.

The Oil Only Marine Booms are excellent for the containment of floating oil and debris in small or large bodies of water such as ponds, lakes and rivers. Even when fully saturated with oil, the boom will continue to float on the surface of the water, and can also be applied on hard surfaces for containing construction site run-off.


Looking for Containment Booms for Rapid Deployment

Containment Booms are designed to stop the spread of contaminants such as oil in open waters. Ideal for quick deployment in emergency situations or as a pre-emptive measure, they can help to prevent the contamination of an entire lake, river or pond. They can also be applied to moving waters such as low flow rivers, brooks and streams.


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