Spill Response Training 

Yellow Shield is proud to work in partnership with The Spill Training Academy, providing spill responders with the knowledge and confidence to both prevent and react efficiently to spills. The importance of these training courses is equally as important as having the correct spill response & containment equipment on site. Ensuring that you know how to identify & deploy them correctly is critical to dealing with a spill, thus helping to protect the environment, and you.

Who are The Spill Training Academy?

Spill_Training_ClassroomBased in Leicestershire, The Spill Training Academy offers BSIF accredited Spill Response Training for all businesses where the risk of chemical, oil or maintenance spills are possible.

The courses are run by experienced, accredited trainers with the most up to date knowledge of legislation and best practice guidelines. Courses can also be tailored to your own site / sector's specific needs.

Why do I need Spill Training?

The best asset in ensuring your site is protected from pollution incidents is a properly trained spill response team. Legislation is ever changing and new spill prevention products are being developed all the time therefore it is vital that your 1st Responders are aware of the latest techniques and items available to them.

Training is, without doubt, the most important aspect of spill prevention and investment. It not only forms part of PPG21 Pollution Incident Response Planning and PPG22 Dealing with Spills but will assist towards achieving ISO14001, Investors in People and compliance with COMAH and other regulations

Available Courses:

The aim of the courses is to educate in an informative but stimulating way using varying forms of classroom interaction and practical demonstration. Delegates will gain significant knowledge and awareness of their spill control environment and the subsequent actions required at the appropriate times.

BSIF Accredited 1st Responder Spill Awareness & Response CourseDevelop an awareness of the risks and threats associated with liquid spills and develop and understanding of safe and effective use of spill control resources

Train The Trainer Spill Awareness & Response Course - Enables the Trainer to train their team members in the basics of spill awareness and response, based on the BSIF Accredited 1st Responder Course

Marine Oil Spill Response CoursesProvides a general introduction and awareness to all those involved in marine, port and offshore operations that may lead to a release of pollutants

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