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Water Soaker

Made in the UK
Water Soaker

  • Absorbs condensation in fuel tanks

  • Prevents further accumilation of water build up


Condensation occurs in most fuel tanks & can cause corrosion or poor engine starting. Made with super-absorbent polymer with mesh filter containment the WaterSoaker has been developed to remove this water, and to prevent accumulation of further water build up.

Firstly secure the nylon cord in place (we recommend the underside of the fuel cap) and lower to the bottom of the fuel tank where water may have settled. Here it will absorb any water whilst repelling the fuel. In situ the WaterSoaker can be left for up to 3 months but should be checked every 1 month. When the WaterSoaker has reached full saturation the nylon bladder will fully expand in to the mesh filter containment tube.

Available in 4 sizes

  • Mini:          4.4cm x 15cm, absorbs 134.5ml
  • Small:       4.4cm x 30cm, absorbs 269ml
  • Medium:   5.6cm x 30cm, absorbs 489ml
  • Large:      10cm x 30cm, absorbs 1.59L


  • Mini:           Small onboard motors
  • Small:        Continental trucks, barges, boats
  • Medium:    Small domestic heating oil tanks, Agas
  • Large:        Commercial Tanks
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Can the absorber have the water wrung out and used again?

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