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May 2011

  • Alberta oil spill causes concern

    By Will 30 May 2011

    An oil spill from a pipeline in Alberta, Canada, is one of the biggest spills the region has seen in over thirty five years, say company officials.

    The Plains Midstream Canada Rainbow pipeline transports oil from Zama in the north of Alberta to the state capital Edmonton. Approximately 28,000 barrels of oil have been released at the spill site, which is around 60 miles north east of Peace River. Most of the oil has now been contained using various spill control methods including absorbent booms. A small amount of oil has however found its way into a wetland reserve near the spi...

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  • Spill control exercise takes place off Shetland

    By John 27 May 2011

    One of the biggest spill control exercises of its kind has just been carried out off the coast of Shetland.

    The oil spill test run, code named Exercise Sula, was carried out by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

    During the spill control exercise a huge spill control boom was deployed and a Hercules plane sprayed dispersants on the water to break up the fake spill.

    Before the exercise took place the director of Exercise Sula stated:

    "The UK's offshore safety and environmen...
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  • Traffic chaos around Manchester after lorry crashes and spills fuel on carriageway

    By Will 23 May 2011

    Traffic around Manchester ground to a halt last Monday (16th of May), after an accident on the M60 motorway, which closed two lanes of the carriageway.

    The accident happened after a lorry reportedly hit a gantry sign and overturned, spilling fuel and its cargo across the northbound carriageway. Due to the incident a number of cars were also damaged after they swerved to avoid the lorry and hit debris in the road.

    The accident happened at Junction 11, near the Trafford Centre, and caused chaos during the busy rush hour period.

    The two lanes were close...

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  • Sewage spill damages Basingstoke Canal

    By Dean 22 May 2011

    A water company have been fined over £17,000 after sewage flowed into a canal. Thames Water admitted liability for the spill at Woking Magistrates court after an environment agency worker noticed a cloudy discharge entering the water.

    The Basingstoke Canal was polluted in the incident, with as many as 300 fish killed. Thames Water commented that a local sewer had become blocked with cooking fat and the sewage had unfortunately overflowed into the canal.

    The remnants of the sewage spill were stopped from further polluting the canal by using booms across the canal t...

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  • Oil damage on Guernsey beach was “act of vandalism”

    By Dean 21 May 2011

    The environment minister has purportedly said that the spillage of oil on a Guernsey beach was

    “a deliberate act of vandalism”.

    On Friday walkers at the north end of the Vazon beach were horrified to find that a huge quantity of oil had apparently been poured over the sea wall steps. The environment department attended and confirmed that a

    "significant quantity of what appears to be old engine oil"

    had indeed been disposed of on the beach.

    Spill response ex...

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  • Emergency leak compound

    By Dean 19 May 2011

    There are many industrial applications that use hazardous substances and liquids. Because of this the sites that use them have to have some sort of control procedures in place to cope with spills of these substances. In every instance, if a leak is noticed, immediate action must be taken to stop the leak.

    If a leak is from a container such as a drum or IBC, removing the remaining contents of the container and placing them into another storage vessel can take some time. And may take even longer if there isn’t a suitable empty vessel available. As a temporary solution, lot of ...

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  • Bunded liquid storage tanks

    By Dean 16 May 2011

    Bunded liquid storage tanks have the added benefit of having a second skin, which can act as a spill control method if the inner skin of the tank fails. The tank’s second skin can hold the liquid contents of the tank and prevent leakage of the liquid into the surrounding environment.

    Bunded oil tanks

    Oil tanks that have a secondary containment device (bund) can store domestic heating oil and also fresh oil so it can be used when needed.

    Bunded fuel tanks

    These fuel tanks are the perfect way to store die...

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  • Oil found in River Coran

    By Will 13 May 2011

    Spilled oil in the River Coran is causing concern after being noticed by the Environment Agency Wales.

    A team of spill response experts have used spill control pads and booms to try to clean up the spill and stop the spill from spreading, but they are no closer to finding out the source of the spill.

    The spill, near Laugharne Castle in Carmarthenshire, echoes of an incident on the same river about the same time last year. The Environment Agency have urged all homeowners in the district to check their heating oil tanks to check to see if any are leaking. The spill s...

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  • Spill containment drain covers

    By Dean 12 May 2011

    When a spill occurs at your industrial site, you need to have all the required spill control equipment to hand to tackle the spill and stop the spill from further affecting the surrounding environment.

    To stop the spill entering the waste water system, you need to use spill containment device such as an absorbent boom or drain cover.

    Absorbent booms can be placed around the spill, so that any spilled liquid will not make its way into a protected area, whereas drain covers can be used to stop the liquid entering the drainage system completely.


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  • Drum funnels and washtrays

    By Dean 11 May 2011

    Liquid containment drums are used in every industrial environment. They hold a range of different types of liquids which are used in the production of products and in the maintenance of different machines.

    Stopping spills from drums is a requirement for every industrial site. The correct storage of hazardous liquids is really important to stop spills and to stop the liquid contaminating the surrounding environment.

    To facilitate the safe dispensing of these liquids from drums and to stop spills when filling these drums with used liquids, drum funnels are essential...

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