Spill Pallets & Bunds

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Are You Compliant with the Environment Agency Regulations?

If you are storing fuels or oils in capacities above 25 litres then you are legally required to store containers on a secondary containment unit, such as a spill pallet.

We have a wide range of Spill Pallets that are also referred to as sump pallets, bunded pallets, secondary containment pallets and drum spill pallets. They are designed to catch and contain drips, leaks or spills that can occur from primary containment units.

We Can Supply you with High Quality Secondary Containment Units

Our Spill Pallet range is manufactured from high density polyethylene and to ISO quality standards, and all our Spill Pallets and Bunded Workfloors are durable, robust and are supplied in a variety of sizes and dimensions. All our Spill Pallets and bunds comply fully with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001.

Unbeatable on Price and Free Delivery

All our polyethylene Spill Pallets and bunds qualify for free delivery throughout the UK mainland. Our prices are checked regularly to ensure we bring you the lowest cost spill pallets and bunds on the web.

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